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  1. For sale beautiful standalone apartment located in a quiet area in Vespucci. It faces the port of Vespucci which makes you experiencing the most beautiful sunsets of your life. Starting Bid: 245.000$ Buyout: 300.000$ Market Price: 150.000$ ((Furniture Worth: 90.009$)) https://imgur.com/a/Ps2VE0m
  2. * Name: Joshua Ferguson * Phone number: 43824920 * Email: [email protected] Comment: I'd like to take a tour if possible.
  3. Hello everyone. In the last few weeks I've been experiencing an anoying issue which makes me randomly drop the connection while I'm still playing on GTAW. Actually, when the connection drops I've noticed that my ping on TS reaches peaks around 3000-4000. This happens everytime I lose the connection on rage. If I leave the TS open for the entire day, this doesn't happen. How do I fix this?
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