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  1. You could have each rental vehicle generate a randomized license plate (from different format of normal plates to avoid possible duplicates with rental and owned) and save general information like the player's name, time they rented it, etc. to address the de-spawning issue but it wouldn't solve how to prove the name (ID card) used to rent it real or not without MGing or proper screenshots/logs of them using stolen/fake ID/credit card. I don't think making a rule to not allow rentals to be used is the right approach since it does happen plenty irl.
  2. Changed to the proper format, thanks for telling me I forgot lol And my suggestion is that irl when you get insurance on a vehicle, you will always have insurance on that vehicle until you decide to cancel your insurance or do not/cannot pay the bill. irl you don't get called every month by the insurance company saying "hey there, you got 1 day left, care to renew your insurance?", that'd be widely inconvenient for everyone involved so instead you just buy a insurance plan and pay a monthly premium to keep your insurance.
  3. Short description: Add option to have monthly (31 days) insurance bills when you buy a new vehicle, go to DMV or call 207. Detailed description: Have insurance that can just be billed monthly so we don't have to manually renew it every time it runs out. Commands to add: N/A Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? QoL Additional information: To address the "what if someone goes inactive and keeps getting billed?", you only limit it to 1 month so when they finally become active again, they only get charged for 1 month.
  4. here's hoping they can work on rdr2 compatibility after 1.1 😛
  5. I agree that robberies would increase from the removal (or increase) of a limit from the p2w players. I can't remember what features or possible rules that the administration rolled out some time ago but they approached it from a similar way of "we'll do it like this for a few weeks and see if we can go further with it or not", I don't think it'd hurt to try to increase the limit just to see how it'd play out, doesn't need to be 25k like I mentioned earlier, it could be just 10k. They could easily revert the rule back if it became a shit show so at worst it'd be a few weeks of increased annoyance but it'd help give data to staff on how else they could possibly attack this issue. Also, I wanna reiterate that with the issue with players carrying money OOCly, I think it'd be good for some features like furniture but you couldn't make it for everything otherwise nobody would carry cash on them but at the same time, I don't think its a negative if they turned to stealing objects rather than money since robberies aren't always about cash. Some examples I can think of where you wouldn't need to change it is buying items from any business, buying gas, used car dealerships and taxi services (never used a taxi on the server so idk if it uses bank money or not already).
  6. I think it could be good to increase the limit to something like 25k to get a feel for how removing the limit entirely might turn out. However, I think to address the concerns with how players carry money OOCly for certain script features (such as furniture), simply give the option to use bank money for some of these features instead of using money on your character.
  7. I believe the problem lies in the people who don't look at it this way and simply put the ad up to get any business to get $$$, this is good reasoning to put up an ad like that but sadly most people who do aren't thinking from an IC perspective but more OOC reasoning of "i will be rich!!1".
  8. Can be archived, ended up re-downloading the server assets and it managed to fix it somehow.
  9. I'm one of those guys who writes simple and direct to the point /me's, always have been since RC:RP in 2010. In my mind, having to write longer /me's to fit some kind of standard is similar to having a required word amount when answering a question. You're just asking me to fill it with pointless shit when I've already gave you the necessary context and detail that it needs (think of the things you did to make your essay paper longer in school). Most actions don't require more than a sentence worth of words to describe, such as getting out of a car or entering a business. Even with roleplay that requires to be in depth, like mechanics, I would never go to the level of detail of: Some will see this as great descriptive roleplay and I'm not saying anything's wrong with going into detail like this if its what you like, I just believe that you can condense it down to... ...with no real loss to the detail. All the extra bits are simply flavor text, nothing that adds to what needs to be known in said action. Again, nothing is wrong with filling your actions with flavor text but some people can describe an action clear and direct with a single sentence without adding anything extra, you shouldn't ask them to add more detail just because you personally think it needs more detail.
  10. When I try to connect to the server, it says "Establishing Connection" and doesn't advance past this. It randomly decided to do this a few days ago and I've tried reinstalling RAGE, verifying game files, having R* launcher open while using RAGE and nothing changes.
  11. Not that it would be considered micromanaging but this suggestion would end up leading to more reports for admins to deal with. Sure, shootings in broad daylight in clear view of cameras happen IRL, but this isn't real life. There has to be some balance when it comes to realistic roleplay and fairness, otherwise it'd eventually lead to the decline of the server. No matter how much good intentions you have suggesting this, some players will see this as a cheaper way of committing whatever crime they're doing, purely from the OOC thought of "admins can't use this excuse now", regardless of what their IC reasoning is. More reports would happen, leading to more issues that admins would have to work out than they already deal with. Like I mentioned in the discussion before, I don't actually mind this happening if it got accepted since I also agree that admins might be getting too involved in perfectly acceptable roleplay sometimes but what I said above would likely happen if it did get accepted.
  12. Personally I don't mind this as long as the roleplay itself is good but the way I see it, if you started allowing this kind of roleplay more then players would "roleplay" these actions more often to a point where it'd lower the overall quality of such roleplay. Some players, not all, will look for the path of least resistance OOCly and just attack people with no regard for how its roleplayed and this would encourage it if admins were less lenient, regardless of whether they do it for a good reason or not. I imagine some of the admins don't see the problem with the roleplay personally but likely have to act accordingly to keep the above from happening.
  13. Honestly this should just be an IC issue. If people are getting sued for making comments then they could roleplay countersuing them or attempt to get their case overturned if they were found guilty for their comment(s).
  14. How come other cities from the GTA universe aren't considered IC when San Fierro is? It seems like it'd create confusion when someone references other real cities but San Francisco isn't considered a real place, especially since you can't access it outside of GTA San Andreas.
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