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  1. It was a good short run, shame it's had to go down this route but enjoyed my time in the faction. Wish Ry, Jake, Jordan, and James best of luck in their next adventures, was hard but fun to come back to rping after so many years away. Good luck again lads maybe see you'se further down the road. ✋ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMCQgWtST5c
  2. Éireann

    Habbo RP

    Aye do get setup man, I've spoke with Tom recently (Last month or so) Mad how we all catch up during a pandemic. I've his disc aswell, try the server out man, alot to do.
  3. Éireann

    Habbo RP

    That we did with Tom, pretty certain we havent spoken in a decade! Add us if your on discord Matt-P#4551.
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