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  1. Countless war crimes in the Former Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia
  2. Yes it would, that's what I've done for my mod pack as an example, you need to archive fix all .rpf files you make changes to
  3. You haven't archive fixed the mods properly
  4. Not trying to put you on the spot here, just genuinely wondering, is this short /me's as a whole, or depending on context? I fully agree that short /me's are not always the better option, like outlined in the original post, there is a time and a place for short /me's. But digressing Let's say for example I do "/me sips his beer." What further detail do you need from that? If you care for what brand of beer I drink, I could do "/me sips his Heineken." Once again, not trying to put anyone on the spot, just interested in your opinion on the matter
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