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  1. I'm not arguing against it, I'm just saying there is a system in place which does make a difference between the two, and from what I know, it is largely case-to-case based.
  2. It does effect both IC and OOC, often times unofficial groups are asked to roleplay weaker (less prominent) to avoid them starting conflicts with larger official factions.
  3. First of, I hold no ties to Trupiano. I don't know what kind of big business conspiracy you're cooking up in your head, but that isn't the case. So I'll skip over you bestoing him as some kind of authority after a half-assed attempt at discrediting him. Yes, there is ambiguity for punishment, rule 0 has ensured that. That's why you see so radically different punishment for people who have done (virtually) the same thing. I know of this PF abuse, as I myself was a "victim" of it, along with a faction memeber of mine, luckily, I got lucky and the LSSD saw the whole thing and arrested the PF holder, so there was never a need for a report. You can burry your head in the sand and refuse to see and hear, my job isn't to change your mind, but, if this topic genuinely interests you, I would advice you try to speak to any former or current gang leader in an area like Mirror Park. I'll let this be my final reply, as to not further derail the thread.
  4. Gotta side with @Trupiano on this one, there is rampant degeneracy among the PF & CCW holders, to the point where they should just form a teen-titans esq vigilante faction and be done with it. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of degenerates on the "illegal" side as well, some of them also holding PF & CCW licenses. The "I didn't see it, so it didn't happen" argument dosen't validate your point, nor does throwing shit and pretending yours doesn't stink.
  5. Hopefully something new, like a rockstar take on Chicago
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