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  1. Rest in peace Joe, honestly - heard the news and was immediately shocked. Had some good times, I wish we had more.
  2. Rest in peace.

  3. Sensitive topic. My only issue with moving to LSRP long term would be the issue of people who’ve been banned for serious offences being given another place to harbour. There’s going to be positives and negatives of each server, some servers focus on different aspects and some focus on different rules, structures and policies which mean problems that might exist in GTAW won’t exist elsewhere because the foundation was there from the start. Saying that — wherever you end up, it shouldn’t be about a competition, we’re all here to enjoy something we find fun. Excited to see what comes for the future of text based RP.
  4. Public Works - Bureau of Public Transportation Bomb Hoax at Textile City Bus Depot Facebrowser Post Apologies for texture loss -- lots of vehicles on the scene
  5. Name: whatthehellEmail: [email protected]: What the hell. Are G6 actually using a donation as a right to brag? What an absolute joke of a company.
  6. (( L&A - Government Merge ))
  7. Well deserved, @Adv - well done, you've really improved PM as a whole. @Daylong & @Lomadias - GGWP!
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