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  1. I'm not one to jinx it, but I've reinstalled my GTA and RAGEMP and everything seems fine so far for me... I was having the same issues.
  2. FOR SALE LAMPADATI NOVAK 673 Miles Performance Modified Upgraded Security Systems PHOTOS $165,000 VAPID 4X4 CARACARA 415 Miles Performance Modified Upgraded Security Systems PHOTOS $80,000
  3. You have won the auction at the cost of $90,000. I’ll be in contact to conduct the new vehicles ownership form.
  4. Noted. Bidding will end in 48 hours.
  5. Vapid Caracara • Registered & Insured • Performance Package Inducted • Upgraded Security Systems PHOTOGRAPHS RECEIPT OF MODIFICATIONS ((/VSTATS)) STARTING PRICE: $90,000. BID INCREMENT: $2,500 BUYOUT: $125,000. BIDDING WILL END 48 HOURS FROM THE FIRST OFFER.
  6. Noted. Bidding ends in 14 hours.
  7. Noted. Bidding will end 48 hours from now.
  8. PROPERTY IMAGES https://imgur.com/a/dXsGzE3 ((OOC)) https://imgur.com/kX6WN3b STARTING BID: $200,000 MINIMUM BID INCREMENTS: $5,000 BUYOUT: $350,000 BIDDING WILL FINISH 48 HOURS FROM LATEST BID.
  9. Sold. The property is yours, I’ll be in contact with an arrangement on when the property will be handed over.
  10. Bidding will continue for a further 24 hours.
  11. Noted. Bidding will commence for a further 48 from this bid.
  12. Noted. Bidding will continue a further 48 hours from now.
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