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Bridget Schmidt

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  1. An Annis Kawaii for sale. Fully performance turned, rotary engine, single turbo, coil overs and dropped, as well as engine work done. Only 77 miles on the odometer so basically brand new. Looking for at the very least $110,000 but open to not low balled offers. White body and black hard top as well as black wheels. Contact Either through email: [email protected]((Forum PM)) Or phone: 31984879
  2. The bike is stock, registered, insured, and only has roughly just over one hundred miles. Asking $80,000 but will to negotiate as long as it isn't a low ball offer. Contact either through email: [email protected]((Forum PM)) Or phone: 31984879
  3. Looking to sell my Sentinel Cabrio. Basically brand new with only thirty six miles and stock free to do what you wish. Looking for at least 85k, wont accept low ball offers Either through email: [email protected]((Forum PM)) Or phone: 31984879
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