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  1. From LS-RP to GTAW huh? still going hard, keep it up and if the bro Jaxy's in still S/O.
  2. Development Thread for Patrick Bulger, and Irish American male who's freshly immigrated to Los Santos.
  3. SKENG


    Following the life and development of freelancer, Eric Sierzant.
  4. Brilliant rp, and the faction video was like a movie, props.
  5. SKENG

    Creeper Vx13

    Thank you man, appreciate it.
  6. SKENG

    Creeper Vx13

    Yeah man not sure what were doing entirely as it's not actually my fac I'm just part of leadership but I believe it's to tie in with venice 13/ pre existing Vespucci 13 made by chef
  7. SKENG

    Creeper Vx13

    Development Thread.
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