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  1. Name: D.T Movie 1: Free Guy Movie 2: Hercules
  2. They could limit it by time as was mentioned before, for example 3 hours of cooldown between /bad. I don't think it won't work, some months ago there was a forum thread about why the server feels dead even in clubs and other places. If 200 busineses will open at the same time maybe will give more life to the RP when you have many different options opened and not only the same 3 nightclubs/bars/stripclubs.
  3. I agree with you on those things. For more unique things to pop-up will be necessary to receive more help somehow, there's been almost one year since I'm running a company where we pretend to RP all the process of making audiovisuals projects like theater plays, movies, commercials... And the cost is extremly high for its profit.
  4. Skydiving working again, setting campfires and tents without having to pay and to not repeat most of the stuff that @Dakimakuraalready mentioned.
  5. Username: Rider Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Comment: Excellent service, I was in an urgency, called Ella and she opened the store to help me. Amazing service guiding me with what should I buy and giving me different offers. More people like her in this city please.
  6. Name: Rider Comment: Was my first time and I hate putting creams on my face but It was good. Music was the best and the chat too. Great service and place. I'll repeat. Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  7. The place is available for rent again.
  8. The place has been already rented.
  9. For Rent 207 Laguna Place Two Floors Apartment located near Alta/Hawick, close to clothing store, barber tattoo store and some clubs and different busines. Available for rent for $10.000 weekly. STATUS: RENTED PICTURES If you are interested send an email or reply here.
  10. I support this. That helped a lot we need it back!
  11. Patched In Part Two: Sharing the news
  12. Patched In Part One: Getting the Patches
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