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  1. Simple game. Conclude a report and punish the person above you! Ex: “Report concluded, go stub your toe.”
  2. what number comes after 299?
  3. I feel like Mirror Park is a very civilian focused area, it feels more like a very middle or upper middle class suburb rather than gang territory. Vinewood is cool but the areas that can be viable for some gangs to roleplay at are surrounded by mansions and such. Morninwood's a really good place, and has some gangs roleplaying there already. Still a good suggestion. We just have to be aware that the map isn't catering to illegal roleplayers in every district.
  4. proletariat

    The Black Car

    Glad to finally see this. Good luck!
  5. Totally understandable! The weather system in and of itself doesn’t directly harm the roleplay of others, sure. I (and others that have commented here) think some improvements can be made down the line when developers have more time to work of these sorts of issues. I think the main point of other people’s concerns on this thread is that that occasional rainfall gets translated into rain every few hours. Maybe it has something to do with how rain is calculated. For example, lets say the chance to rain is 34% in game. Does the game state that “it will rain 34% of the day” or does
  6. ”Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor.” - James Baldwin Poverty is an almost permanent state of the world not caring about you. When you’re impoverished, you aren’t just out of money. You’re trapped, clinging onto the last bit of decency you have left before you succumb to the world around you and become a product of your environment. Your personality, thoughts, and looks all revolve around money and the best way to gain from another human being’s loss. Robbing, killing, and beating are all tickets out of the lowest part of
  7. I think setting wise GTA: 6 would benefit from being located in something like Liberty City or a fictional version of Chicago, but really anywhere in the GTA universe would be cool. For features, customizable weight like what you see in RDR:2, better vanilla hair customization for males and females, and just general QOL changes that GTA:V has needed for a while.
  8. this is a thread by cool people for people who arent that cool to ask cool people questions if you arent a cool person, you become cool by acting cool, not just saying you're cool this is a pretty cool thing to do
  9. This kind of argument is weird to me. Sure, we aren't a one for one recreation of L.A. and L.A. politics, but we are in a setting that directly bases nearly everything about itself off of L.A. I think that the weather system should more or less reflect that, and currently there are some oddities with it that make it somewhat difficult to believe we are in an L.A.-esque setting, in my opinion. Also, that time thing is more of an issue as to where the server is located, except that's not at all a problematic thing, and in fact enhances certain types of roleplay.
  10. Hi! Recently I've been having some discussions with a few people on Discord about the current weather system that has been implemented onto the server. A lot of our conversations have begun to revolve around the current temperature system and how accurate that is to the climate in Los Angeles county, an area that is basically the direct inspiration for the GTA: V map and, consequently, the GTA: World map. I personally have felt that the weather system doesn't directly portray current L.A. county weather, which sometimes leads to odd occurrences like rain every few hours, sub-40 degree weather,
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