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  1. It's a roleplay server not a daily grind server. I've been around for a while now and I do think you see characters move in different directions as they develop. A lot of characters become imperfect, but some do being extremely wealthy doing jobs that do not really justify it. Whilst the server has flash cars and jobs that allow that wealth to be accumulated it will happen so I just role with it
  2. I think the rule should be that cctv stands, but that the party using it needs to be highly consistent in how they apply it. Shadow play and such very rarely captures the shot from an angle the cctv would so the injured party should factor that in always. Also i think the camera should be visible (it can be discreet) For dashcams I think either the user needs to point out the camera or if it is " hidden" they need to only use an appropriate head on angle and no text (do dashcams do sound? )
  3. Time and place. Sometimes a short note can portray just as much as a lengthier one.,its about the timing and the flow for me. Long /me can at times loose the flow through over detail, short ones can struggle to create a mood. My conclusion, mix it up!
  4. Well done guys, going to follow this closely
  5. Good clarification /pay but only from bank , government wages, grants, wages from legal factions and scripted wages specifically as we can already see transfers Thinking it through it would be about 30 lines a week per char. I think cash transfers should be excluded like they would be in real life Almost like a bank statement Excluding /pay cash is important for illegal role play (( @Mike ))
  6. Add all financial transactions to the UCP not just Bank Transfers It would be really useful to see all transactions via the UCP especially for people in legal rolepay who are getting paid wages. Errors do happen and right now no simple way of verifying exists.it would also reduce admin effort handling queries. I imagine the data already exists as admins can see it and if storage or data volume is an issue then a reasonable time frame (4 weeks?) could be applied Thanks for reading
  7. Hiring We are looking for someone with experience in legal work or that has the ambition and drive to learn. Alternatively if you are a law or business student looking for a paid internship please contact me. Hours are flexible but ideally would be available for office work in the evenings Please mail [email protected] ((message me on forums))
  8. I'm looking for a truck to use for work activities so not something that is styled or visually modified Thanks
  9. Hi I'm looking for a Cognoscenti Cabrio, low to mod mileage (or potentially another larger Cabrio) Please contact on email on [email protected] ((jankara))
  10. I think you already get an acceleration when rp'ing in jail so it is already covered, just in terms of a reward rather than a penalty
  11. For me it is just a form of power gaming as anyone having an accident at that speed is going to be lucky to survive or maybe at best spend months in hospital. As in real life you can't stop people driving fast but fear is what controls the majority of people (fear of law enforcement or injury). So maybe we need to create more fear and where someone is in an accident at that speed CK becomes an outcome the medics on scene can declare. Drive fast and crash without consequences is non rp fear.
  12. Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigation Division ** I know that debate has been had about the use of FBI etc, so if this falls into the category of simply not something the server management wants to explore I understand. For this reason though I have limited the amount of detail below to a simple overview. If the faction is deemed to have potential I will document a lot more. ** History On July 1, 1919, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Daniel C. Roper created the Intelligence Unit to investigate widespread allegations of tax fraud. To establi
  13. I'm going to close this following redirection of my characters due to IG circumstances. Thanks for the feedback. I understand the direction of approach, it was always meant to be a legal faction and the racketeering element highlighted to me to the need for such a union given some tactics being used by employers like wage fixing. This was intend to legally challenge such behaviour. However IG circumstances bought this journey to an end. I'm going to have a go at another faction resulting in an alternative character development over the last month or so..
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