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  1. *Frederick McKenzie leans over again and presses a button*
    "Your Honour,
    I believe what Mister Rosenberg is referring to is known as "radar pacing" however, In this instance I wasn't using the method of radar pacing and was instead using the in car Stalker II Radar system. As can be seen from the dashcam footage and system print out the speed which was "locked" in by the radar system was 76MPH; without going into the specifics of the machine it takes a fraction of a second for the system to register the speed of a passing vehicle. It's evidently clear from the evidence provided that both offense are complete irrespective of the what if's Mister Rosenberg has tried to bring up."

  2. *Frederick McKenzie walks up towards Jacob and hands him a printed file, along with an attached DVD which contains the footage of his cruiser.*
    "Your honor, this is the infraction report of the said incident. Also a DVD is attached where you can watch the actual footage of the video of him speeding and failing to stop at the intersection of Vespucci cross Peaceful while the lights were red."
    *Frederick McKenzie returns back to his seat.*
    ((File: https://mdc.gta.world/record/report/136275))

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