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  1. We can't physically shutdown a faction, we can do a gang injuction arrest some of their higher up members, that still doesn't mean that faction/gang can somehow bounce back, as it would be IRL.
  2. Okay, this thread gets out of hand way too fast, jesus christ. The statistics for one are really hard to do, keeping constant track of them, constantly updating them, making a graph/spreadsheet about it, hell no does anyone want to do that. Not to mention people have IRL jobs and responsibilites as well if you're going to take your free time out to make those instead of us be my guest. People make these things IRL because they have to not because they want to, and I honestly doubt anyone's going to force someone to "have to" make a spreadsheet whole list of statistics to be release
  3. Okay, since everyone's been leaving their two cents, I'll step in and leave mine. First off, roozles had promised a lot of things, along with his leadership, which okay I will support the fact of fast tracking the people you "trust", okay yes you want a team of people around who you can trust and work very well with, that is fine. However, what could have been done instead of sitting in your locked channel with friends was make an announcement of some sort, and keep encouraging people saying, I want a team of people around I can trust, for gods sakes if It's getting out of hand eve
  4. Tried both, I get bored with Illegal RP (probably just really shit at finding it), and Legal RP is very boring, now this will really depend on who you ask what you do and how you do it. I've always somehow branched into every single RP server I played I always have had to go for PD/SD one way or another, It's the main thing I enjoy, just that sort of environment, hard to explain but some of you might understand. Basically Legal but somehow always LEO RP for me.
  5. Look as much as I do personally support the fact of RP>automation this ain't it chief, yes we do have a lot of advantages sure, just like cops do IRL, so I'd say the fact that in GTAW LEO's in general have an upper hand on evaders, criminals whatever you wanna call them, it kind of emphasises the reality. So it's a no-no from myself.
  6. It could be your connection acting up, might be an issue on your end rather than GTAW or RAGE. I've had it happen a couple of times, it ends up boiling down to my connection aka my side.
  7. As it stands currently only people that are a Platinum Donator are able to join the test server, it's opened for everyone when major testing needs to be done.
  8. Okay so, I'll start by highlighting some of the key things (I've seen and can cover) and explain them briefly as to why it is the way it is. By the way I play Kenneth Roberts in the LSPD. "A lot of pursuits are called off IRL, what do you mean it requires confidence? You look down at the GPS in the lower left corner and you say the direction and street name...it's not rocket science. It doesn't require a bachelors to use common sense to not drive recklessly, it's a video game after all and I understand the aspect of realism, but again people have been doing this for years and
  9. Very likely they are responding to another call, rather than responding (in this case the non-paying customer) to that specific case, whilst yes I will agree I've seen a lot of people within the PD respond to situations to which they come full speed and lights and sirens, they mainly use it as an excuse to well drive very fast because they had to follow the Law. Like a lot of people just think going full speed with lights and sirens to pretty much anything is good, but it really ain't. Like I myself whenever we receive a 911 call, I'd usually opt to regular driving but in a faster
  10. Apologies for the delay, you are the highset bidder therefor car will be sold to you, e-mail me your contact number so I we can get in contact.
  11. Highest bid as it stands, auction comes to an end in 48 hours.
  12. Zirconium Stratum for Sale, Aftermarket Parts, Low Traveled Distance, GPS, Half a month of Insurance Below are some attached pictures of the vehicle. Starting Price: $25,000 Bid increments: $1000 Buyout: $47,000 If you have any questions regarding the vehicle, please do ask away.
  13. Still on-going or have I secured the buying of this?
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