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  1. This was already suggested for player reports, the issue that came up was the fact that disabling likes and reactions for specific forums is not possible, rather the whole system would need to be disabled for it to work. I'm going to be locking this and keeping it where it is, see whenever Nervous or whoever looks across it and leaves their side of it.
  2. Hello there thread gone out of control, I'm an admin. Roll it back a bit, we're all civilised human beings, act like an adult instead a toddler, this is a suggestion not argument about a faction's CK's, I don't care who you are, you can't fight back and forth on a suggestion on something unrelated, repeats again I'm issuing forum warnings. Will be locked for a bit, until all of you settle. Also locked per request of TDP.
  3. I coulda used this like a month ago, come on dood
  4. Being an admin, I'll support this, we already have people post on reports when they have zero connection to it, having the upvotes removed/disabled/enforced will add to that fact. And I've seen a good amount of reports where the "toxic" reply is upvoted a shit ton, and a regular reply that's not stirring drama, is untouched. +1
  5. ((Opened per request of topic author.)) @Jennie
  6. Archived since player was given an answer. Modding the R* version is not possible, permanently at least. PM me if you want this open. L&A
  7. Free roam, no-one has areas they are sort of "locked" in at, some specialised units are of-course expected to keep a higher presence at x areas, for obvious reasons. Supervisors can tell people to up activity in a certain area, or even reduce if they think it is needed.
  8. Just gonna mention the fact that this is supposed to be simulating LA, in LA you'd literally have a place swarming with cops in no less than a minute or two, especially around gang neighbourhoods, I really don't see an issue with it.
  9. Okay, gonna be locking this for the meantime boys and girls, you've really posted ALOT, 13 pages in just over a week, I applaud that. A lot of bickering here.
  10. I get devoured by the seemingly massive ass mouth.
  11. This will be L&A since it's being handled through PM's.
  12. ((L&A. Due to Inactivity, PM me if you want it opened.))
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