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  1. Whilst just chilling on Palomino Ave with Marcus, Jose and Florencia - Karina was flirted with by the recently recruited Jose "Pinocchio" Elvira. Clearly Jose was unaware she had a boyfriend already, instantly regretting it and dealing with a confrontation from Marcus. Surprisingly, they don't fight though. Later on, things change after the whole situation is brought up again. They all hit up a liquor store in South Central, then head to Decker Park. A 6-pack and bottle of Henny is shared around, and they all chill there for a while. It's obvious Marcus is still annoyed over what he witnessed before, so he just tries to head back home. It's at this point that him and Karina have a big argument. An order from Marcus is given to Florencia "Greñas" Echegoyen that she must slash the duo. Florencia ends up driving after Karina in an attempt to stop her from doing anything crazy. She most likely thought Karina was going to stab Marcus right there in the street.
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