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  1. alright!! been a little bit busy, ive been working on a salon im opening! found some time for a pic though!! source image: render: so this one was a fun one for me. quite simple light direction, no issues there thankfully, and it's just a headshot. however, despite me just having an outright love for polygonal designs and hard edges, this dress has great benefits to visually sell the image. what i mean by that is, given that gta is a videogame from 2013 or so, most of the created faces, hairs, earrings, etc, have harsh edges and polygons when viewed up close. by choosing a real life dress that features heavy polygons as a style, it manages to continue the visual theme of the polygonal gta source image. while not everyone is a photoshop expert or a master of visual design, our brains are programmed to pick out little nuances like that, so even the most untrained eye can notice a visual quality difference between the gta head, and the real life dress, even if it's just a matter of polygon'd edges. its little things like this that will always help sell your photo edit!! thank u for looking!!
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  3. so i think today, i made my proudest work yet!! i wish i could express how long this took, and how difficult it was. im really not a professional, so bear with me when i try and explain the process here. i promise im not trying to come off like im bragging or some shit so there was alot to note for the shot i was intending here. alyx and selena winslow, a shot for elegance. most importantly, the lighting. although it's heavily modified through hand drawing and detailing of each ripple and particle had to be adjusted. alyx is about 6'0, while selena is 5'5. this difference meant that the the angle at which the original reference dresses were taken as photography had to match this. so for selenas, her dress reference's camera was stationed at a upper thigh level, where as alyxs is at an inch or so above her waist. atop this, alyx was to be positioned about a foot behind selena. given that the light was meeting selena's face at a flat face, 0 o'clock, it meant that this same light would have to be applied to alyx, although adjusted for the fact that her angle was not as flat, instead about 3 o'clock. for this reason, i had to adjust lighting on alyx's face, dress, and everything about her form with this in mind. it's most notable on her face, where the edge of the right side of her face is illuminated just barely. did that make any sense? now clearly, these dresses aren't from gta base game, and definitely not mods. the goal however when using real life images for an in-game shot, is that you have to meet the level of reduced quality. and as such, muddying the textures, reducing the amount of soft edges into polygons, etc, are all required to make the image visually convincing. atop that, colors must be met to a tee, and shadows must be continuous. (Ex: Selena's leg, where the shadow from her in-game leg matches her dress's skirt.) lastly, the shadow, background, and everything in this image is largely artificial, drawn by hand. here are the before images: Now a very notable thing about these before images is the technique of matching the in-game shot to the clothes, not the shot to the in-game screen. i go to an empty place with no shadows, set up lights, and place the camera exactly where it is in the clothing shot. this is the most important step! i hope this provided some insight into the process! ill probably make a video on it one day, or an in-depth guide with screenshots of the process. but i hope i can atleast provide the philosophy behind it. because truly, this isn't something only i can do. it's time, and attention to detail. as long as youre willing sit down and understand what exactly makes your edit believable, and what makes it stand out, anyone can do it. thanks for looking!!!
  4. thank you all so much for the positive feedback!!! ill do my best to keep this thread up to date its super inspiring to see people enjoy it 💕 😭
  5. and of course, heres my most recent post! itll be up to date from here forward before: after: this one is for sure my proudest work thus far. i was really inspired by the conceptual design of deus ex: mankind divided. i have the whole artbook for it, and i saw alot of pics of eliza cassan, wearing a dress thats very polygonal. love that bitch. honestly that game was kinda ass though
  6. alright so ill post some older stuff of alyx here. and by older stuff i just mean within the last month but its less cool cause its not recent. ill actually explain the process in more detail in later posts this one was called 'pale house'. its largely inspired by the work of errolson hugh. i think with this one i just wanted to depict alyx in a poncho at night. it was moody and i liked the idea. i really needed to depict alyx and the clothes she'd casually wear in rockford. like, super annoying avant garde fashion shit thats needlessly large, so thats what this is: ive been delving alyx into high fashion more and more, so that kinda began with this pic, where i started to find a love for depicting near alien levels of fashion
  7. hey im mfinda aka erp. (when ppl say theyre gonna erp theyre talking about me) i do alot of work in photoshop. in fact i have a character whos entire career revolves around working in it, alyx rodriguez. on her i run a business, ALYX Digital, that sells graphic design, photography, etc. when people dont want their logos to look like booboo, or they want their business card to instantly grant them erp perms when they /shownote, people come to me. however im showing none of that in this thread, because even if the idea is interesting to me, a thread full of logos is fuckin boring so, alyx is also the creative director for elegance, as well as a model for it. when i have an idea for a photoshoot, a photo for facebrowser, for elegance, or whatever, most of the time my ideas are outside the range of what mods or just in-game assets can provide. so, i use my experience with photoshop to complete these ideas. im not a professional or anything, im actually a baker irl but yeah man heres my works! ill show you the befores and afters of each edit, and a bit on how i did it. thank u for looking!
  8. Looking to buy an Übermacht Sentinel Cabrio (Hard top convertible!) If you have one, please email me or call me! PHONE: #4100 EMAIL: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) FOUND. L/A
  9. mmmmMMMM yes SIR
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