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  1. Can't thank him enough for all the work Brando has done for us, huge +REP.
  2. i trust this man with everything i own
  3. This is currently being drafted up by SAPA leadership to propose to LFM in a structure that can be well managed, just a waiting game more than anything. I can’t speak on other factions though.
  4. Most areas of the port are private lots and aren't accessible to the faction, not to mention that it would be simply impossible to permanently monitor all blind-spots. It benefits the San Andreas Port Authority and security companies that are contracted by private lots, it benefits illegal role-players, I fail to see your point that it doesn't help anyone's RP experience? It's not a matter of hurting truckers, as long as they can't get jumped where they're loading their vehicles they should rarely get mugged. Your attitude is totally toxic though bud, 'bad ass security character', what? Grow up.
  5. IMEX would only be included due to how it's right next to a SAPA building; it's not a matter of bias. However, it seems most people based on the poll like the idea for only the terminal and main quarters to be restricted - which does seem more fair.
  6. Agree whole-heartedly, this rule implementation has had adverse effects on the Port Authority’s roleplay.
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