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  1. Take it far cuzzo, watching this.
  2. 25oyaaa el ray2 neek, take it far.
  3. Looks good, take it far bro.
  4. Following this. Dope screens, keep it up.
  5. Bay City Peckerwoods is a white street gang that derived directly from the since defunct set [or remnants of] Crazy White Boys [C-W-B]. The Bay City Peckerwoods [BCP] formed after a violent coup over the since deceased set leader of [CWB] Joel Smith, AKA - Basher. Supposedly, Shawn 'Crow' Corvus planned with fellow peckerwoods on the fifth of December to strike due to Joel's addiction to money, and the constant chains he gripped over everyone under him. After the fall of Joel Smith and his supporters, the former high command of [CWB] formed the Bay City Peckerwoods, a highly dangerous and orga
  6. The homie, take it far.
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