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  1. Throwing out an offer of $250,000.
  2. Looking for a Vorstand in any conditions.
  3. I have one to offer, sent an e-mail.
  4. Selling an executive sedan, the Benefactor Schafter V12 LWB. Has all the luxuries with the power to match. Best security upgrades, Best performance upgrades, Only 300 miles - maintenance is a long way to go. Pictures on request. Buyout is set on $220,000. Accepting trades on cheaper cars!
  5. Accepting trades for cheaper cars.
  6. Buying each of these cars: Ubermacht Vorstand, SG3 Cabrio, SG3 Coupe, SG4 Coupe Offer in any conditions.
  7. Selling a great car - 9F Cabrio. Has the best security, performance and great visual mods. Accepting trades. 9F Cabrio: Buyout: $261,000 Odometer: 720 miles ((OOC Stats: ))
  8. Up. 1200 miles and no maintenance required.
  9. Selling a fantastic looking Paragon R. Has great security, performance and visual upgrades and a custom plate. Insurance has run out due to car sitting and not being driven, which is also the reason for sale. Pictures below: Starting bid: $350,000 Buyout: $410,000 SOLD ((OOC stats: ))
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