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  1. Special thanks to lovely @swirly for taking the screenshots!
  2. Short description: Making Riding Great Again Detailed description: Once upon a time, when the /sp and cruiser control system was first implemented, it was allowed to be used on motorcycles for a short time like a month(?) and it was pretty pleasant for me as someone who is rping a biker. The speedlimiter was a great help at riding in a formation with other bikers and it saved us from fingering our W keys constantly to keep riding steady on a low speed like 30 mph. Even though the cruise control had some bugs, it allowed us to both ride and talk with passengers while riding on easy roads l
  3. Rattlesnake, home... At least it was before I fucked everything up. (Love you Nate, in a very hetero way) -Axe
  4. You should post the trailer you mapped for me! It rocks too! Lots of luv ❤️
  5. Hey, I'm looking to purchase a nice house in Grapeseed. Budget is not really a problem, just hit me up. My e-mail: [email protected] ((forum PM)) My number: 888-21-118
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