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  1. I've been involved in a lot of discussions which I thought would be fruitful in the illegal discord, I mean some of them were but most just got off track and nothing was actually accomplished, I think a group with a section of people who're actually willing to have formal discussions, without the legal/illegal saga we have here on every other topic would be beneficial to illegal roleplay overall. A good percentage of the discussions here get derailed also and nothing is actually accomplished.
  2. To many law enforcement officials across the country, the Five Percenters group is simply a violence-prone black enthusiast entity but to the people involved it is a coalition of likeminded individuals with the same goals and aspirations. Five Percent Nation is an offshoot of the Nation of Islam (NOI), which in turn is an offshoot of mainstream Islam. NOI adherents believe that God appeared through NOI's founder, Fard Muhammed, while Five Percenters maintain that God lives through them, and should take the name Allah. The movement is national due to the amount of converts, especial
  3. Most gangs are not the problem, gangs hold themselves accountable most of the time, it's mostly solo rpers trying to get a quick pf gun, I think that pk wars on a whole should be revamped, gangs should have long term pk wars with single incidents instead of just shooting up the block every day and the list goes on, the way I see it PK wars aren't even fun, its just full of reports and people complaining ooc so what's the point, there's a lot of potential in gang rp outside of just shootouts.
  4. Used by a prior suspect and used in a case is the same thing if the person is identified, people rat more than the movies showcase they do, hence the statistic does exist. Heat doesn't die down on murder, used guns doesn't mean that somebody was killed with it which is the point I am trying to make, murders happen in real life a whole lot less then they do on the server, again of course this happens but not as much as you're claiming it to be because you do it in game. And I'll end the conversation on the direct experience comment, lol. @Pathway My original
  5. Statistics are based on convictions not interviews when it comes to crime.
  6. Because guns are cheap? I like how we're equating gun use to black gangs/gangs in general like they're the only ones that use them, even still any logical person would not risk 30 to life to sell a gun for 100 bucks because they're "down bad" just because we see it in a couple movies doesn't make it logical especially in 2021 where people get convicted over hair strains on a crime scene, of course people do it but let's not act like a vast majority of people are dumb enough to sell a hot gun to a kid who'll probably rat if they get caught. https://www.propublica.org/article/how-chi
  7. Show me statistics to back that up then, you saying that firearms are not easily attainable in the US clean or not is already stepping in with the wrong foot, yeah lets not waste resources, keep a dirty gun and risk 30 to life lol.
  8. Somebody shouldn't have to purposefully protect their firearm in an unrealistic way as a criminal, most criminals throw their guns away after doing a hit, it's not gold it's easy to get if you live in certain areas certainly LA.
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