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  1. Dont meant to be rude but, with your policy we could just play on a blank server and roleplay everything.... I will wait for the dev response so we will really see if it is possible or not. But thank you for your reaction.
  2. Banned because of avatar.
  3. Hello, I would like to suggest some system. I noticed a lot of people like to do workout with their character, so why dont bring it up to the new level? Gym points: Make an "checkpoints" of some type in the beach gym, so you could just workout on that. After some time, it will give you some workout points/gym points. With that gympoints you would "pimp up" your character's body. I mean, for exp. you have 5 workout points so you can use it to make your arms slightly bigger (if is that possible) It will prevent the players from creating up a character and already max their body up, they will also have a motivation to run, workout and so on... Lets say you will need another gym points to make your stomach look better, another to make your legs bigger etc... It will also improve the roleplaying on a server, it woul be nice seeing 20 people working out at the beach. NOTICE: Currently there is no way to make your body more mascular. :-( Animations: There already are some badass animations to workout like chinups, crunches and so on... But I (and a lot of other players i think) wish there would be more and more animations for working out. It would improve the roleplaying too. NOT NECESSARY: You could also add some energy to that working out, so you wouldnt just workout workout and workout but it will have slow progress.
  4. NoxeS

    Vinewood houses

    Thats a shame i think... The map is so beautiful, and it s a shame when we dont use the whole Los Santos and county... Mirror park is already a center, so why dont bring it back in the future ? :| I am sure more players will come!
  5. NoxeS

    Vinewood houses

    Hello, yesterday I was looking for some house I could buy. The first district I went to was Vinewood, then I saw there are NO HOUSES to buy. Wha-..? It is the most beautiful district I ve ever seen. I just want to ask, where are the rich people supposed to live? I found only 2 Villas but already someone bought them. There are so many beautiful modern houses in Vinewood, please we want to buy them! You could also add new clothing shop locations, make every gas station functionable, and so on.. Make the city more alive.
  6. I like the idea. also remove the annoying _ ... it is ugly :-D
  7. Hello, I would recommend to make a signature with informations of character of my choice for ex. I have a character with name Matthew Morgan so it would generate me in the UCP an image with all the informations such as Name, Surname, Played Hours, maybe Owned properties and so on. Just to represent this server in another forums and also showcase your character to others. Pros: Commercial for the server Players have ability to showcase their character Maybe a good helper if u want to know how much hours have u played without logging into server Make users more proud of their characters Cons: Maybe could be a metagaming of some type if wrong information is used Just made a little concept what I am thinking about: Anyways, if u would need a help with graphic I can also make a few nice backgrounds which players could choose from. Thank you, NoxeS
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