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  1. Trust me, my source is better than yours.
  2. this. Nobody turned on Roozles because of his decisions suddenly during his time as Chief or because he wanted more realism. It was them vs the people they forced out for their own choices from the very beginning, when those people worked and deserved those positions. I never once submitted a report as I personally witnessed nothing that would deem one, but there has been numerous instances in which I knew someone who did and they were absolutely right to do so imo.
  3. I've seen LEO roleplayers get reported for not doing a fully fledged search of someone's person to find whatever they had on them, only seems fair that someone robbing my character has to do the same.
  4. No idea where this idea that cops should lose their position after being CK'd or namechanging came from. Afaik, no PD or SD members have been forcibly CK'd due to rule breaks or the situation, all CK's have been voluntary and a large amount of them went through while the rest of the faction disagreed with the person doing it. If you think people don't get punished enough, that's on the admin team, not the Los Santos Police Department. The LSPD issues punishments for any server actions conducted to the member (in-game or forum report) and if it's an in-character rule break, it has to be caught by someone and either reported or sent to a supervisor, but considering the interior cultures of both LEO factions, you'll be hard pressed to find someone to talk to Internal Affairs truthfully. If you tried to implement such a rule that cops would have to start from Police Officer 1 (and go through the field training system again) after the aforementioned actions, two things would occur. One, LEO's would no longer take voluntary CK's and two, likely an increase in a play to win attitude, which this community seems to think is the largest issue. If I was to use just my character's time as a police officer as an example as to why this idea doesn't work, which will be an extreme but I digress. Malcolm Sanders is a detective, of which I'll break down the general requirements. You have to be a Police Officer 2 for a month at least, have extensive experience or knowledge to showcase during your interview to get into the Detective Training Program or have work to show from IES/GED as well as sufficient knowledge. After you get into the program, you have to prove that you're good enough to stay with casework, reports and general activity. On top of that, while the program's been slimmed down significantly in the past year, Detectives have to do 10 workbooks, which I found out myself after completing them that they are a sort of shortened version of real life LAPD workbooks. The workbooks span numerous topics and can be/still are useful resources when conducting investigations. The entire process of getting into DTP and passing it took approximately two months. This doesn't count my character's time from Field Training in the LSPD (which was much shorter back in Sept. 2019) or even the fact that my character transferred to the Sheriff's Department, made Detective there, resigned and reinstated into the LSPD and remade detective via the training program. If I did factor in that time, it'd end up being a little over a year, as this character's coming up on existing for 2 years if he hasn't already. My character has never been punished for any in-character transgressions (despite the numerous times he might've crossed the line in front of someone) and I have never received any OOC punishment, so it's impossible for me to speak on those processes here. If Malcolm was killed off for some reason or if I was to get bored of him, whatever the circumstance is, and you told me I had to start from P1 again with my new character and put in ALL that time again? I'd quit the server. The only reason I'm on this server is to help provide quality roleplay for people around me and ride this character's arc till the end to begin with, so even if I planned on staying afterwards I would NEVER do the Field Training Program in either department ever again. If you have such an issue with the LSPD, why not try to join it and see the issues for yourself to create your own judgement instead of making assumptions from the outside that don't even paint close to a full picture? Alternatively, join the Sheriff's Department if that's more your jam but ultimately, if you haven't been in these factions and your only experience on this server is illegal roleplay, then it would be like me coming in and telling an illegal faction that they're not portraying the real life gang they wanted to portray properly. anyhow if you think a cop's roleplay is shit or they didn't do something properly within the server's rules, you can gather evidence for a report and file it. if you don't want too because "staff is bias and cops will get away with it" then you're not really contributing or helping anyone, are you?
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