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  1. FiveM is created of GTA Online, Rage MP is created of singleplayer.
  2. But this seems like a problem that does not just happen in the port.
  3. This very rules has only be brought into existence by FM to stop SAPA, or Bureau of Safety in particular from becoming more “LEO” like. There has been put 0 thought into this rule and 0 communication with the gtaw community. I hate to see a big part of the community hurt by this rule and, It should be either rolled back or adjusted to Nexus his suggestion.
  4. Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Username: Fransen Review: Pretty place, lovely staff, and nice coffee!
  5. These are my specs I guess. I play on the highest settings GTA allows me.
  6. I've never had any issues. Maybe crashed once or twice on very large events but other then that no major noticble FPS drops.
  7. hellceaser

    Ads In Game

    Why are you on a heavy roleplay server if you want to skip the roleplay just for some in game money?
  8. Username: Tonimacaroni Comment: it’s sad that LSNN only can get views on the articles about G6 and HPS.
  9. http://www.hollandprivatesecurity.nl ****All the IC information you need is on the website!
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