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  1. I briefly read most of the responses but I figured I'd leave my input here too. It's way too early to make any decisions about Paleto Bay. I didn't love the idea at first but I learned to love it because a lot of people do love their countryside and Paleto Bay is the place for it. I mean, where else can you get it? Sandy Shores is the lower-classed countryside while Paleto Bay is for the middle-class. I've seen plenty of people drive through and stick around for roleplay. It isn't that hard to find unless you're online when no one else is online. I didn't realize how many people roleplayed as country lovers until then. If we want to allow Vespucci for the beach lovers (middle/high class), Vinewood for the high class, Mirror Park for the typical middle-class and Rancho/Davis for the lower-class. Paleto Bay is really there for the diversity and that's something to love about this server. I think Paleto Bay needs the clothing store icon added to the map because it is there but a lot of people don't know that. It needs the main script-wise features like the car rentals and such. I liked the idea of a selling fish point being closer since that drive must be hectic. Besides that, it's the people that bring the roleplay to the area and I absolutely adore it whenever I see it. A lot of people don't like the drive, but I personally do because it gives me time to enjoy the scenery and feel like you're really getting away from the city. It's something that reminds me of real life because it takes me a while of driving through to get to my cabin and it's quite relaxing. I also crash far less than I ever did compare to being in the city which is a plus for me. @Aquila What would happen to LSCS if Paleto Bay was removed? What about the other businesses that started or moved to Paleto Bay? Like, you can't just take it all away from the people that worked so hard to make it happen. We're all still trying to make it better and there's always progress. I don't think it's fair to give the community something they wanted and take it away not even a month later. @Adero The Los Santos County Sheriff's basically started with three people being myself, HemmaX and Eren. I had taken on the administrative side so with that being said, I prioritized recruitment before licensing so I apologize for the delay in it being implemented but it wasn't possible at first anyway. When hunting was first implemented, there were many more bugs, it wasn't illegal to hunt without a license and there was no access to the MDC yet. There are still some bugs (like picking up the carcass) but I applaud the developers for the idea and having it implemented to allow another roleplay opportunity for those who are hunters and enjoy the countryside. The main reason we'd ever really be in the city is when the LSPD requires back-up to foot/vehicle pursuits, shootouts, panic alarms or just not enough LSPD on-duty at the time, etc. We may be two different factions but in-character, we both have the same goal in mind and that's to protect and serve. So, in conclusion, I think we can all agree that in the future when the playerbase increases, it'll improve with it. In this case, I believe that time is key.
  2. Ehh, I don't find times where I need a mechanic all the time so maybe that's another reason why. Maybe if there were more reasons for people to go find a mechanic, the roleplay would be there. Maybe adding an inspection and oil system. No oil in the car -> damages car, no inspection -> ticket from LSCS/LSPD.
  3. You are able to privately message a member of management, yes.
  4. What matical posted should've been the answer. If it isn't, feel free to message me to have this reopened.
  5. Not something that'll probably get pushed. We're currently looking to change the timezone of the server to give everyone a variety of the times of a day. Check out this discussion.
  6. Congrats everyone on another beautiful month here at GTA World (even though it's April 24th)!
  7. I'm up for adding a Davis, Paleto Bay and Mirror Park location to the spawn points tbh.
  8. With the way some of the menus are currently in-game, it'll probably just cause a lot of crashes. It ain't that bad to tab out and look here on the UCP. No need for something like this.
  9. Samsung Galaxy S8... it's amazing!
  10. Do you know if these clothes are supported by GTMP?
  11. Ehhh, don't think something like this would ever be pushed. Not supporting.
  12. I'd understand if you were able to change your outfit on a fourwheeler since typically you can attach a compartment of some sort on the back of it, but I don't know about certain bikes getting the ability to have /outfits as well since not all bikes can have a compartment for personal items unless it was like a cruiser one. Not sure.
  13. If anyone has a solution for this, please post here. I don't have the Rockstar version so I'm not really sure. Will do some digging if @stompkins is still experiencing this.
  14. Inactive thread. Let me know if you need this reopened. L&A.
  15. I personally think it's all good. It was a smart idea to do that in the first place.
  16. Genny

    need openiv.asi

    Can this be archived? Or do you still need it?
  17. I can somewhat agree with you on that one where the more time someone spends in there, the more money they get but we don't always have an officer on duty at all times so that's the only reason I'm kind of on the fence. Maybe the max can be $10,000?
  18. From my experience as a police officer on here, we don't get to the stores on time. Maybe we get there like 35% of the time but when it's the Mirror Park one, I would say almost always on time. For the scriptwise part of it, I don't see that big of an issue with the current delay because it gives time for roleplay, however, I may be wrong since I haven't experienced the criminal side of it.
  19. I think this is a pretty good idea, however, limiting the kinds of fish might make it where people won't fish there and still end up going to the pier... but then we don't want people only going to Mirror Park. Need some sort of medium. I didn't have my coffee yet so don't look at me for an answer.
  20. Nah. I wouldn't push for something like this. /helpme is good enough. We have #support in Discord for any discussions like that. Before I log off, I always make sure there's another admin or tester in-game to handle tickets. So, I personally see no need.
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