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  1. Ofcourse, everything stays as it is we just stop spamming /ad 100x times.
  2. Short description: Implement an advertisement queue. Detailed description: Basically I'm talking about adding advertisements into a queue, best example the one we have when the server crashes. You send your AD and when your turn comes it gets automatically posted. I'd rather wait 40 minutes for it to get automatically posted then doing what we're doing at the moment. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one annoyed by the fact that I have to spam /ad 100x to get my advertisement out there and I'm pretty sure a lot of players spam that command at the same time which can't help the server at al
  3. There's crazy times that we are living, I'm telling you 😂😁
  4. Stars: [⭐|⭐|⭐|⭐|⭐] Username: KillaWizz Comment: Just amazing, trust me, drop by!
  5. ((Hampton Jewelry Commercial closure))
  6. ((2021-03-23 - Hampton Jewelry Contract Signing & First shots))
  7. ((2021-03-22 - Hampton Jewelry deal))
  8. Exactly, the sooner the better.
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