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  1. Glad to see homies are still keeping the flag up, keep it up boiz! 🙂
  2. This is where the problem is at. I've had a spree of like a week going to each club getting my character drunk and high as a kite searching for RP of any kind but if you're out there on your own, which happened to me a few times you can give up and go search for RP somewhere else because everybody will ignore you. 90% of the people that attend night clubs are the same people from the the same group of lesbo friends that the moment they see a female character they run up to her and pull her in their closed group and ignore the rest of the people RPing there. Then there's the creeps, yeah.. those that do nothing but hit on every female character in the club trying to get some petty ERP and there's the gangbangers that do nothing but stand there and act tough. That's it, no vision, nothing spectacular, no imagination. Same shit different toilet. People need to stop being so cringe and ignorant in clubs, stop making closed circles with a bunch of people that you see every single night. You see someone on their own? Your character is drunk? He/She should also be friendly, try to pull that lonely player out of his misery and create some passive RP, meet and greet, tell jokes, laugh.. flirt, fight, whatever.
  3. Congratulations on getting official, keep the quality flowing!
  4. Hi there, Keith DiPietro / Damian Kakashvilli here.
  5. ((2021-04-23 - Bluewater Logistics))
  6. ((2021-04-22 - Magnolia Records encounter))
  7. I don't have anger management issues, at all.
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