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    Habbo RP

    throwback to xoa that jeeeez
  2. I don't believe it's something that can be fixed. Limit somebodies social circle and they will play elsewhere. At the end of the day it's the same as hanging around with your friends IRL. If somebody just walks up to you, you don't really want them present. If it's a mutual friend then it's a different story. MTA suffered the same problem and once it started to get cracked down they left.
  3. spent a good hour going through most of this thread n its fuckin sick
  4. I meant 911 about them trying to sell drugs to me in general, not boasting about previous offenses. I worded it incorrectly when reformatting.
  5. I'd have added more but it's very self explanatory, it's not entirely needed for popular demand, but I also don't think it would take that much time away from developers as a whole.
  6. Short description: Title. Detailed description: Reintroduce some ped skins to the clothing stores, and at a higher price to prevent seeing the same skin often. The idea for this would be for overweight characters. It's quite tiresome assuming people are just at a standard physique due to the online creation, and only having a limited selection would prevent massively to the crashes (I assume). It also works in favour for elderly characters, but also has clothing appropriate for certain locations. i.e farming job, mechanic, religious attire (oblivious to what he actually is) Not only that, female appearance wearing dresses & heels. It's basically just a variety feature instead of seeing everyone in either Nike tracksuits or jeans. Commands to add: Might be a nuisance for when changing back to/from online characters looking entirely different. Also limits stuff such as tattoos, hats, glasses not being present. Items to add: unique peds. cba finding the IDs. if accepted i'll personally go find em How would your suggestion improve the server: More variety in appearance Additional information: Someone said in discord that you can request via /report for a ped skin change, so it's not entirely ruled out. And people that never changed from a ped skin were never forced to change it back, so I doubt it's that troublesome. If implemented, they can be added a couple at a time and crash reports can be logged for which ones are causing the problems for when they were introduced.
  7. Witness intimidation would be one thing, or straight up eliminating someone for interfering with an OCG, but spending a few hours in jail and coming back to kill someone is just retarded, especially considering it'd only be over a few thousand. Not to mention the consequences of investigation never happens after it, either. X reports Y to police Y gets arrested Y gets released X gets murdered LSPD never treat the death as suspicious circumstances Y continues living his life, completely forgetting about murdering someone
  8. I roleplay a civillian taxi driver, Abdul Ghailani. The amount of people that get in the car and try and sell me cocaine is unbelievable. I've had several people openly talk about LSPD raiding their crew, houses and catching other members with "bricks" on their person, whether it's bullshit and they want to seem cool, I don't know. But it's a problem. Do I get CK'd if I 911 that, because I'm disregarding my life against potentially a hard earned criminal? (that actively boasts about making a fortune) tl;dr. idiots that cant roleplay and forcing conversation.
  9. I think it's purely because nobody knows the cultural side of the ethnicity they are portraying. Me personally, I'll just always role play as an ordinary plain-jane, as I can't be arsed researching a background to play a game.
  10. I use it all the time with the cheapest taxi you can buy. If it's not meant to be a feature for that vehicle then definitely needs to be on the others. It allows me to talk to my clients instead of just /taxiaccept #, drive, and then try and talk and get pulled over for reckless driving.
  11. Wouldn't catch me having dirty talk with a spotty late teen male with broken English, greasy hair and glasses. But each to their own.
  12. Playing it on and off just AFKing skilling atm. Got my quest cape, going for music cape just need to fuck up a mimic. Jad pet on the goal list. Not really sure what else to do atm.
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