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  1. People can make whatever screenshots they want. You may not censor yours if you want to, or censor them, who cares?
  2. A lot of effort seems to have gone into this! Good job!
  3. The new UI is a step in the right direction. It just needs some fine tuning, like having the chat always enabled (pretty basic stuff in a chat based rp server), don't tell me to press F4, I'm not going to start pressing F4 every now and again to check the chat, it should already be up. I like being able to quickly scroll through the options, and also use the arrow keys. I love that it remembers the slot and texture of everything, so when you go back to pick another texture for the shirt for example, you don't have to find it again.
  4. Okay this was literally just changed. The vehicle despawn timer is now after 3 hours, and only for non faction / non business vehicles
  5. Parking outside nightclubs, bars etc. is going to be annoying. Imagine parking your car outside, you spend an hour+ inside, your car despawns, someone else parks in that spot and when you get back out you have to deal with spawning your car on top of another car. That being said I understand why this has been implemented. Just wish there was some better way other than just extending the time.
  6. +1. IC communication while the other player is offline is sorely needed. Probably need an inbox size limit though.
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