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  1. I mean the the reputation point system lost its value the moment sections like faction threads receive points instead of sections that actually matter. Even so, if you're a regular around the forums, you should know a person's reputation just by looking at their name. I've been coming in and out the forums the past year or so just to see the progress of the community. Reputation points seem like decoration. I'm guessing the only reason these points were even implemented was to try and engage people with the forums more. At the end of the day, remove the limit of likes or not, the whole reputation system should be revamped or removed, unless it is there just for decoration but yet again, these are just points.
  2. As Lmao said, I believe creating your own faction usually takes a lot more effort than joining one, especially if you put effort into it and you're dedicated, since there's a lot more to do from organising and creating everything. Running your own faction requires motivation and dedication, which is why I respect people that run their own factions or at least try to run their own factions, even if you're new to running your own faction.
  3. Agreed with Frezemis. This can definitely be abused by people for a pay to win mentality.
  4. Wipe boys. Hit me up if anyone wants to play.
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