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  1. Fair enough for the most expensive anti-theft option, but what about the cheaper ones? It seems more realistic that those would have the sort of GPS tracker that are much more commonly found, wouldn't they?
  2. I feel like you're being a little patronizing here. Yes, I've changed an oil filter, what does that have to do with anything? I'm trying to see where you're coming from, but the more I look into it, the more I only find things that seem contradictory to what you're saying. For example, a simple google search for car gps trackers turns up lists like this: https://cartreatments.com/best-car-gps-tracker/ Literally every one of those is either powered by it's own battery (which is not continuously charged by the car battery, as evidenced by saying things like "2 week battery life, so you need to keep an eye on it" "Great 7 day battery life" etc. OR it's powered by the OBD II port, which means it's getting power from the car's battery, and does not have it's own power source aside from that. You can look through the Q&A and reviews on the products to see that when they're disconnected from the car's battery, they do not function. I'm sure trackers like the ones you describe exist, but your claim that all trackers are like that now just isn't true. Those seem to be the exception, more than the rule.
  3. Is that really common though, and what the average person would have? Because when I was looking into them, it seemed like the vast majority of affordable car trackers for the average person run on a rechargeable battery. A longer battery life seemed to be a big selling point for most of them.
  4. So are they RPing having to remove it and charge the battery every week or so, or do they just get to say they installed a GPS that doesn't use the car's battery, and also never has to be recharged or changed? That doesn't really make sense.
  5. To my knowledge, most car gps trackers that are actively running are either running off the car's battery and electrical system, or they have their own battery that needs to be charged every 4-5 days. So realistically, the people that RP having a GPS system that they literally just install and forget about it, leaving it constantly running, have ones that draw power from the car's battery. Doesn't this mean that simply popping the hood, and disconnecting the battery should be an acceptable way of disabling them?
  6. Punishments escalate as you repeat offenses, though. Maybe the first time you do something, you get a warning. The second time you get an ajail. The third time you get banned. If there were no records, or if they were wiped every so often, that whole system would stop working. Someone could keep doing the same thing every few months, and just keep getting warnings and no actual punishment, despite the fact that they're fully aware that they're breaking rules.
  7. The argument keeps being made that the crime rate on the server is way higher than it is in IRL Los Angeles. But what about the other side of that? How many LEOs do we have on the server? What's the ratio of LEOs to civilians? I can already tell you it's exponentially higher than real life. "Currently, the LAPD has approximately 9,000 sworn officers and 3,000 civilian employees. That is one officer for every 433 residents." You can't compare illegal RP to real life while ignoring the fact that by the same measure, there's a wildly unrealistic ratio of cops around at any given time. It's just how RP servers are, most people want to RP as either a criminal or an LEO, because it's fun. Most people don't want to get on an RP server and only RP doing things they do IRL. And there's nothing wrong with that.
  8. A shortcut command like /rf would be nice too, since we're going to have to be typing it so much.
  9. Peckerwood Tobacco Lounge A cozy smoking lounge and bar in Paleto Bay. Asking $350,000 Exterior: Interior: Market Price: $125,000 Furniture Worth: $63,357 Tobacco Script: $50,000 Email me ((forum message)) if you would like to view it.
  10. I really like that they added the minigames, since it makes it something you can actually practice and get faster at. I hated that it was randomized before, and someone that was picking a lock for the first time could potentially do it easier and faster than someone who'd done it a hundred times before. It doesn't change that people still need to RP it out, it just adds a realistic element of challenge, and getting faster with experience.
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