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  1. Watching @Alice in Wonderland complain on this thread bcz he got butthurt that he got robbed ingame.
  2. Before I begin, I apologise if I come across as ranting, but I have witnessed this issue too frequently to ignore it. Recently, I've encountered too many characters with ludicrous advantages or disadvantages that make them believe they are... special. I observed a person speaking through a text-to-speech phone working behind the counter of a juice shop. I have seen characters with facepaint and an edgy identity to try and "differ" themselves from others. I also saw a screenshot of someone rping a person who stutters as the head of communications. That's like saying if a blind person can suddenly become a busdriver. With that in mind, I would want to point out that you can be unique by simply being basic; having bizarre personas, powers, or impairments does not make a character unique. Your character is unique if you offer him or her a personality with weaknesses and perhaps certain irritants and hobbies. This entire trend of having unusual ideas must halt; it's lovely, but it doesn't function that way. And you can likely add a statement such as, "But Naha, why not just RPQM them?" Well, I can't RPQM everyone, especially when this is a recurring issue. If anything, RPQM staff should keep a look out for anything out of the ordinary (I am not saying they are not). By that, I want your thoughts on it, lets keep it civil in here folks.
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