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  1. Thanks for reaching out, I had forgotten about this! It's random to be honest! If I restart my game in an instance it doesn't work, it works again. I run updated drivers. It seems like random occurance at this point, thanks though! Thanks guys for reaching out, I appreciate it! This can be considered resolved!
  2. I actually really enjoyed this. I hope it renews for another season.
  3. Hi, Ever since I've installed RageMP yesterday I've realized that the Nvidia Ansel Filters (or the Nvidia Alt+Z menu for that matter), don't work anymore. Does anyone have a solution or work around for this?
  4. Mack


    I was considering to continue the same character but she'd be very old by now realistically anyway. Decided to start over with the next in the same legacy instead. But yes, From LS-RP since 2008 I believe upto 2015. I was a Game Admin, Faction Management and Assistant Sheriff in SASD. I left to focus on my career and professional life. I've recently come back and things are different. I'm not too sure about what has taken place since I left it, but I also felt GTA:SA is too old for me to get into. Now that I've found some time for myself and I realized many people from
  5. Been a long-timer in LSRP, however as of 4-5 years back had left it to focus on my professional career. About three days ago I fired up my steam and found many of people in my friend list from LS-RP days seem to be playing "GTA V". I immediately knew that it couldn't be because of GTA Online and something good has come out for GTA V perhaps for me to look into. Did some detective work on their steam profiles and here I am.
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