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  1. Miss you, man! Hope you're taking care of yourself.

    1. DanneBRE


      Fak u nick ?

  2. Not too shabby, @Sharvit! Congratulations everyone ?
  3. ....You retired......
    I miss you already, fam!


    1. -Andreas


      Heh yeah, I'll be back one day ? 

    2. Bash


      I'll be here waiting for you buddy!

  4. Can't remember if I linked an animation to the action, but if you do come across one then let me know!
  5. It's already in the gamemode, just commented out due to using the old API. Anyway we'll see!
  6. Already did all of that, and there's no predefined spots you can spray. The system works by verifying the wall you're aiming at to ensure it's suitable for a spray tag. So you can do it anywhere as long as the wall is wide enough.
  7. Oh and if the collision prove to be an issue, we can always just attach the player to the taco truck and disable their collision as well. You wont be able to move, but you'd appear to standing inside of it.
  8. Huh? Why would other people not see you getting teleported. That aint right. Yeah there is probably an issue with trunks, but thats only because the fact the trunk is open isn't saved, so players streaming in are not aware of it. That doesn't have anything todo with teleporting someone though. I'm not sure on the taco truck, and its colliders used for collision detection. Might see if I can work something out.
  9. It can work. I made it for GTA:World back in 2018 I think, and it was suppose to be released few days before we moved to RageMP but this broke it and meant we had to disable it. Never got around fixing it again actually ..
  10. Okay I've messed around with the trains for a bit this evening, and at this point in time it's just not possible to implement. Creating trains and having them speed around the tracks work fluently. Stopping them and starting again is no problem, but getting their position which is crucial for train stations to work has proved impossible with the current version of RageMP. Trains are mission objects, and on creation are not added to the vehicle pool which means I'm unable to get a proper handle of the train after its creation. However sometimes invoking natives is the solution then, but since RageMP doesn't allow anything but integers to be returned from a native call, I can't get the position. So... We'll have to wait for version 0.4, as some of these issues are then addressed as far as I know. I don't think we'll ever spend time on a teleportation system for subways. We either go full in and do it properly with the trains moving about, or not at all. I'd love to do it once I have the tools I need for it.
  11. Indeed the metro system doesn't cover much more than the center of the city.
  12. Would you still be against it if it wasn't actually teleporting, but players would be required to enter the train and ride it to each station? It wouldn't be controlled by a player, but would still provide with a kinda cool system to move around the city. I don't know the situation with taxi drivers on the server right now, and how this would affect them but roleplay could still take place in the subway rather than on the backseat of a cab.
  13. Hmm haven't experienced it myself, and I'm not sure what's causing it be honest.
  14. Does any of you have a controller connected?
  15. His roof is leaking .. ?
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