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  1. We're all here to enjoy ourselves roleplaying man, but from my experience with you back in our fac, your vision and portrayal could fall short of what others expected to be the acceptable server standard at times and the server is at the end of the day a shared space and you gotta try and do your thing without lowering the standard of others. Its not just you, and we've all done some whacky shit from time to time, but you do half bring the spotlight on yourself a lot mate... If this concept is absolutely what you have to do with zero cooldown time - than at least keep ya head down, have a char thread and focus on your rp, not the views and sentiment of the community - might be after a time your thread is in a good place and IFM will have something to judge you and the possibility of an unofficial fac on - but this whole thing is just a bit much man, not healthy really
  2. I spent a decent amount of time in both official LCN facs on this server, a few months in Conti and a much longer duration in Marto going on to be in the leadership there for a time and im a bang average rp'er if im honest ... The stigma of LCN facs and sopranos and fedoras and all that silly bollocks existed then, we was aware of it, but I always felt like both facs generally done their best to uphold a good standard of portrayal whilst also recognising we're all playing a game and trying to have some fun with the concept. Sometimes stuff would fall through the cracks, someone would need to be reigned in or, warned or whatever, people with good portrayal would generally see advancement quicker and that helped regulate a bit in itself., I was probs guilty of letting people be loose with it and let people do whatever, but we had some good knowledgeable people to balance it out. And we had our fun, and i dont think we should be gatekeeping the concept from others - that said I can understand some intervention from time to time to make sure the concept is done right and the server standard is upheld and all that, but this goes for all concepts right? But reading through this thread, christ almighty, arguments about the mob presence on the west coast and all this, its actually crazy to see people talk with such passion about like the mob irl and how we portray it in roleplay? Like what on earth are people up to, its a bit of RP you nutters.... And sorry subway cause i've spoke to you a few times and always thought you came across as a nice polite dude, but i'm not sure if ive ever met someone who should leave a concept alone more, this shit is weird bro.
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    This thread will focus on siblings Maxim and Ivanna Zotov(a) and occasionally their associates - featuring their antics and endeavours in the pursuit of wealth and their growth as characters. Maxim Pronunciation: Mahk-seem. Nickname: Max Maxim Zotov was just seven years old when he and his family moved from Russia to Los Santos. His mother, heavily pregnant with his younger sister Ivanna, hoped for a better life in the land of opportunity. They settled in a small apartment in the Morningwood neighbourhood, which was home to many other Russian immigrant families. Maxim attended an American school, and while he was generally a quiet child, he was decisive and fiercely loyal to his friends. When Maxim's father passed away during his senior year of high school, the family's financial struggles intensified. As the eldest son, Maxim felt a responsibility to help support his mother and sister. He turned to petty crime to make ends meet, rationalizing it as a necessary evil. His criminal activities escalated, and eventually, he was caught breaking into a construction van and stealing power tools. He was sentenced to four years in prison. After serving his time, Maxim will return to his old life. However, with newly mounted debts having accrued during his time in prison, Maxim will have little time to rehabilitate in the state's programme once is free, it's time to earn by any means. Ivanna Pronunciation: I-von-na Nicknames: Vanya, Iva Though Ivanna was born after the family left Russia, the Zotov's spoke only Russian at home. They kept their culture and roots alive while their children, primarily Ivanna once she was old enough, served as translators for anything beyond basic English. Their parent's refusal to properly integrate into the American system has been a strong source of keeping the family bordering on poverty, limiting the choices of their children in turn. When Maxim was jailed at twenty-four, Ivanna was barely eighteen. She copied the only example she had, turning to petty crime and taking her brother's place in the streets while caring for their mother alone. Younger and less experienced, however, she accrued sizeable commercial debt and racked up favours owed with key figures in the Morningwood immigrant community throughout the years of his sentence.
  4. Sold for 310k Pending finalisation with buyer... @madsr1255 - call me on 606822
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