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  1. Keep the snow, let there be a change of heart for the server's environment for a little longer.
  2. George

    Gun shows?

    Something close to a gun show was an idea of doing a gun-buy-back program. I'm from PD's Community Engagement Division and it was something of mine I wanted to host over a year ago but I fear an unsuccessful turnout because guns are the equivalent to gold in this community and nobody wants to get rid of them, unless the weapons are bought at a STUPID-overpriced amount, but then again, illegal RPers can just take that cash, purchase another gun with it and have extra profits sitting aside. (I know this thread is old but I'm interested in gathering potential suggestions on this)
  3. Username: DetroitBoy276 Comment: This title is all over the place wtf? Poor G6.
  4. Interesting to know, I don't follow politics but that'd be pretty cool as long as its done correctly.
  5. I do not see Davis Mega Mall being used anymore. It use to be a thing for the first few months, then it became a getaway for criminals evading cops, now there’s absolutely nothing. It would be nice to get it used again as long as it’s not being Infested with gangsters that only have a soul purpose of hassling people.
  6. The best way to get into roleplaying and enjoy it is do unique things that are special to you, but make an effort to meet people. I like to think of fun roleplay scenarios before I get on to motivate me on what I’m going to do next, usually roleplay off duty (I am in the LSPD) and go hit up a coffee shop or a bistro to enjoy a small meal and invite a friend or two for a catch-up. I also do community engagement in the PD so I host events to keep me busy and we attend events so you could potentially look into that.
  7. What?! Its December already? Congratulations folks.
  8. The Canis Mesa is the goat of the list, idk why nobody's picking that.
  9. George

    Vehicle Prices

    I'm going to touch base on this matter from a Police perspective; although it would be nice to be realistic in all aspects, this should definitely not be part of that case. Unfortunately we see many super cars being used for useless/worthless crimes and the owners just don't have no development understanding of such. What I mean is you'll have someone who just grinds for a week doing a civilian job to make enough money for a $300,000 car then go joyride it and suddenly evade police for the heck of it, or even some illegals buying high-end sports cars and fine tuning it to the max durability then go conducting armed robberies or kidnappings or dedicated garbage truck drivers rocking a $200,000 worth vehicle and still doing garbage runs. I disagree that the prices should be readjusted which would then make them cheaper, matter of fact, speed should be restricted and there should be more vehicles restricted to request only.
  10. @Lomadias doing a fantastic job with mapping; no hesitation. Definitely not @Nightmare Night for not buying me Dunk-A-Roos; had to travel to the United States myself to buy 6 packs of Dunk-A-Roos.
  11. Before you try the above; launch your game and if its stuck on the loading screen again, check this. Open Task Manager > In the Processes tab, look for Grand Theft Auto V's row, and then under the Network column, see if there's any mbps being used on GTA. If so, then this means the server is downloading resources and you just have to patiently wait. This has happened to me before on different updates throughout launch but unfortunately the download bar won't show. If this is not the case, just try reinstalling.
  12. I would love to see a charity that focuses on Suicide Prevention for Men considering 70% of suicides are of male gender and this is a topic that isn't touched on a whole lot. I'm from Canada so unsure of any charities within the European Union that focuses on such. Nonetheless, glad to see the server taking this step to being a helping hand to a charitable organization.
  13. AceMTA started it all for me as well.
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