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Everything posted by BigSmileLing

  1. Funny how these retards demand for a ck when you dont rp the fear but they never get a CK when everything goes wrong.
  2. Will it be possible to download it to use in singleplayer in the future?
  3. This is a Heavy RP, RP, ROLEPLAY, not a Barbie Fashion game where it's more important to take 4 screenshots with clothes that nobody sees and that they see you dressed as an armless clown, I have been doing gang Rp since I joined 2 years ago and never used mods, I don't need them, updating the client version is necessary, it's progress, or are you still playing on Windows XP with bugs and security holes? Ragemp 0 3.7 version has 0 support, like MS does with Win XP
  4. You break my immersion when I see you walking around with no arms and clipping.
  5. This. Many cars on GTAW cost more than a luxury apartment, even if those cars are a lot of junk, which is absurd, be guided by that is nonsense, a Savestra is not a car that is expensive, but in GTAW it costs what it costs, in addition, living in such an area IRL doesn't mean that you are poor or you can't afford a car or two. And no, I don't live in Sandy Shores or have an expensive car, I'm simply saying that if you are guided by the price of GTAW vehicles you are doing it wrong.
  6. 85 and 86 have different textures, open the colors menu and change them.
  7. Fb has more censorship than a dictatorial regime.
  8. The problem is not that there are 62 pages of suggestions, the problem is that there are really annoying bug reports still not fixed, I would rather they fix all those bugs than add new things.
  9. Username: Tsngg Comment: nigga, how do you fucking have been there if they didn't even open the damn bsness since the last owner sold it, time travel machine?
  10. Censorship on FB has reached such a point that uploading a simple photo in a bikini is cause for deletion, people have such thin skin that they are offended by a 3D model that doesnt exist, which is ridiculous, not only that, those fine skin also annoys people, in this case the female characters, they are "offended" in they way of some people describe their chars physique without describing the intimate parts of the body, even worse, that same people report other people that they are lost on the fifth planet of the map for offensive RP when they haven't written a damn /me
  11. On GTAW everyone is John Wick, a murderer without scruples or feelings, he is not affected by anything psychically and he doesn't care to kill a fly or a person, the limitation of investigations by the PD is also another factor, on GTAW everyone steals, murders without gloves, recorded by 30 cameras, but they don't go to jail because these investigations aren't possible, the result is that everyone does what they want and they kill everything that moves. For that reason the escalation is what it is, people only think about killing, people think that this is GTAO and the development
  12. Censorship is strong lately on GTAW, why instead of banning this as unrealistic, don't you take it as the Toonme photos? It's the same bullshit, stop banning things because you don't like them, always the same shit.
  13. This isn't allowed and it's happening
  14. Yes, now it uses a separate folder, for now the only way is replacing files inside GTAV's folder, but good luck installing 2000 files if you want to install new roads.
  15. That file sadly only works on 0.3.7 servers. 1.1 uses a new method and dragging folders doesn't work, new files are encrypted and yes, encrypting your files doesn't work either, I already tried.
  16. Doesn't work, this program just copies the folder inside server resources/ip/dlcpacks, and 1.1 only reads the mods installed on the server.
  17. Clothes, roads, female body/cleavage, male body, those are usually installed inside ragemp's folder.
  18. Any mods inside RAGEMP/server resources/IP/dlcpacks won't work. The only mods that will work will be those installed in/replacing GTA V files, for example Redux, NVE, Visual V, or street names if they are installed in GTA V folder.
  19. I think he means client side mods, and like I said, they'll be gone on 1.1, wanting or not, RAGE devs don't want to add support to client-side mods.
  20. 1.1 will be something that will be added to the server sooner or later, you better get used to the idea that the mods will stop working unless you modify the game files, you cannot stop the progress, rage 0.3.7 will no longer be supported, such as Windows XP and Windows 7. And yes, that shit near PD happens to me, on 0.3.7 and 1.1, blurry textures, invisible buildings, 5800x, 32gb ram, 3070, SSD.
  21. It's totally pointless getting out of jail and burning the business, damn it, it's pure logic that it was you and you're going to go to prison again, but people do these things because due to server limitations they are immune.
  22. Trucking is also another RPG element and everyone agrees with it
  23. I love how people are in favor of this RPG system but they are against suggest eating and drinking systems, it seems that they don't care when the RPG system doesn't affect them and they screw the other party, then you see them in all the threads saying no to the RPG and here we have people defending the RPG on a ROLEPLAY server. They contradict themselves, the reason we already know, the excuse of money, perhaps it hurts them that others earn money as if that affects their RP, although, I don't talk about money although this is the reason why these people defend the RPG, I speak b
  24. It's incoherent and illogical that when some users suggest RPG elements they reject it for being RPG and instead the truck system is pure RPG, perhaps they should remove the limit, I doubt that a person without working can afford a large truck. In fact, they should keep the limit of small trucks when you work without a transport company, and allow you to use large trucks by obtaining the special license for said trucks (furthermore, companies must ask their workers for this license if they want to drive large trucks), just as there is a flight license, a license for the use of thes
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