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  1. Won't work, this is server side, it's like a Minecraft server, the server is who decides how many chunks will be loaded, here is the same thing with the streamer distance.
  2. The only way to combat this is grabbing your shotgun and blow their heads off before they could even type a /me.
  3. This when? Can we have some nice things? We don't need phone groups guys.
  4. The nerf has been there since day 1, and they didn't even say anything. There are more common cars than this, Komoda, Sultan Classic, and they haven't been nerfed, this car is slower than a Komoda without the nerf, I still don't understand why they did it. It's not about speeding or not, the nerf has been there since the car was added, the car is slower than my Uranus Classic by default, the nerf is pointless when you can get the Calico for 30k more and it's a better car, or 80k less for the RT3000. And it's not just the speed, its acceleration is garbage, have you ever driven a garbage truck? Well, they have the same acceleration. this car was fine as it was by default, the nerf is totally unnecessary and it is unrealistic that this car is slower than a Blista. It's not fair, less for those player who bought the car without knowing about the nerf.
  5. The ZR250 is faster, and driving this 220k car you can get owned by a damn random 60k shitcar.
  6. "Save all outfit" replaces every haircut/outfit with the haircut you are wearing in that moment, the suggestion just wants the color, for all the outfits without replacing the haircuts.
  7. What in the hell, +200K weren't enough, completely unnecessary nerf, this car was not as fast as other cars are, I can beat this car with a Futo.
  8. BigSmileLing

    Speed Bumps

    This will simply encourage people to run away from the police when they shouldn't, or to use namechanges when the price is too high.
  9. You know what is already out of control? Robbers.
  10. Reduce the components and reduce the price for sport class, why do I have to pay 4k for a bumper when a Kanjo bumper costs 900$, it will reduce the cost of the components and reduce the income, if you increase the prices of the parts it will only cause the mechanics to get rich.
  11. IRL you can go to another place, on the server a garage is more exclusive than a house in Vinewood, why do I have to wait a week to do maintenance on my vehicle?
  12. I have known people who reported garages several months ago and they did nothing.
  13. Maybe they should open when they have the components and not use it privately for their friends. Yes, I was in a workshop recently that was "closed" but I saw several mechanics working for their friends, I'm not gonna name and shame.
  14. Instead of fixing it, what the IFM has done is allow them to rob anywhere on the map (They can rob you on the beach at 11AM, a beach with hundreds of people, but you cannot role-play NPCs, therefore, the 600 users who there are on the server are the 600 people who live in LS) and at any time of the day, planning robberies, finding people in alleys or robberies at midnight are a real shit because it's no longer necessary, you see someone in a place, you take out the gun and ez win, run your pockets and showitems, and don't do anything stupid or report. But hey, if you try to defend yourself because your character suffers from PTSD, you are already a mallrat, PF warrior, no fear rp, and also the Staff asks you to have a background similar to that of an ex-military to accept those kills, a child of 12 Davis year old is fucking John Wick but an adult to defend himself can't hit 2 shots because "nO bAcKgRoUnD", shit, I don't fucking need to know how to aim to shoot, I can kill you with basic notions. About the garages, yes, the client is not interested in your RP nor is they interested in you, in real life when you go to a mechanic shop you won't look at how he works or make friends with the mechanic, you leave your car, you leave the place, you come back to pick it up and you leave again. Do you want to solve the problem of the garages? Fix the incredible theft rate, fix the trucker script which is a pain in the ass, fix the cost of components from the workshops, and then you will have something working, but instead of doing these fixes we have bugged scripts, which nobody has asked for , un-fixed bugs on the bug reports subforum and more facilities for the "ayo run your pockets naw" to rob you.
  15. This, the thing is out of control but we gonna give them more facilities to rob, we're going to allow them to rob in the middle of the day anywhere on the map, let's make any place on the map an unsafe place (This is what IFM wanted and is allowing), let's rob the truckers and bully them telling them that their RP is poor, when there are none working we come to the forum to cry that other companies cannot open because there are no components. The robber gets a CK? nothing happens, it's the fifth character in 3 months (nice character development bro), he creates another character or uses a name change and keeps robbing. The robberies have been out of control for too long but nobody sees it, the server looks more like a Brazilian Favela than America, you are safer among hungry lions than in LS.. The harassment of users towards other users is also uncontrolled, it's allowed to laugh at them both on the forum and on discord, people don't want them to laugh at them so they avoid working as truck drivers, there is also another cause, and that is that trucker script is a pain in the ass, component cost is another joke.
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