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  1. Acting like money means anything ingame. What you gonna buy with it? The same car times three? Cool, idc.
  2. Imagine you are an admin and you have to read through 5 pages of peoples shit in which you aren't even involved in and probably don't give a damn shit about who describe to you how they have been unfairly killed with 90% of the content just being completely unrelated or just repeating the same over and over again. I mean, damn. I got better things to do in my free time as well.
  3. The ball for the soccer script ain't synced btw. Nobody fixed it ever since 1.1 Rage update. Heard the billiard script is scuffed as hell, maybe should fix the current ones we have first.
  4. Name: Movie 1: Nobody Movie 2: Legend
  5. I see so many ppl complain about drivers not knowing the map when they could just place a waypoint for them.
  6. That must be @Bombie when he banned me
  7. username: Chip comment: Really keen on buying some art, hmu #53707115
  8. Selling this beautiful apartment on the 2nd floor of the building with an amazing view over the Canal in Vespucci. The apartment comes with an garage + 2 balconies. Building consists of 3 floors in total with one family living on each floor. Buyout: 540.000$ Contact-Phone: 537-071-15 Exterior pictures: Interior house pictures: Interior garage pictures: ((/pinfo ss)):
  9. You only allowed to have 2 properties at once on one character unless approved otherwise by Property Management. That might have been it.
  10. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf7xxitTWTbYjd6aNPn6OSW1gd3D9It6Vm9QIfevC9ZO1-bhw/viewform They import Hennessy. Other than that you can buy Brandy in every liquor store and turn it into Hennessy with the bar script cmd /createdrink which is gonna set you back way more than the above option.
  11. Chipsdose


    Can be archived, thanks.
  12. Full Name: Chip Cooper Bid: Would appreciate a visit and might offer buyout if I like what I see Phone Number: 53707115 Email Address: [email protected]il.com
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