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  1. Have you tried closing and relaunching Epic Games as an administrator? For me, if I don't have Epic running as admin it produces the exact same issue.
  2. User: QoS3 Comment: no one cares about some fake models you made up ok
  3. We are indeed taught what I suspect is a small amount of law knowledge, or at least what's required to not fumble a case before it even makes it to court. As someone who very rarely handles arrests, I wouldn't be surprised if I've forgotten some of it but we are given materials to brush up on if we want. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say that within the department our detectives probably have the most actual law knowledge as it's imperative to what they do most of the time - but I could be wrong!
  4. Yikes. I'm sure that robbery roleplay is a thing between beefing affiliated characters or people doing shady deals, but what you get from the two MASKs with dufflebags on a BF400 riding around the city is not roleplay. I haven't been robbed in quite a while, but I imagine the process is still the same: roll up, toss out a pasted /me so that your character has the initiative regardless of the situation, point a gun at them in case the victim gets froggy. Do some half-assed /me about searching every molecule of their body for their items, tell them the show inventory command and kick rocks when they hand everything valuable over. If they do literally anything that isn't piss themselves in fear and beg for forgiveness for having the audacity to exist in your presence, beat them to a pulp. Maybe shoot them if you're in the mood. Yes, I'm exaggerating. It's a process that's been boiled down to a meta fashion because of the risk. Every second that anyone is actually emoting doing something is another second that someone might magically appear to save the day, or lord forbid the cops show up - you roleplay as little as you can get away with so that there's less time that something unplanned might occur. It's understandable, but that doesn't make it good roleplay. Most robberies I've witnessed are on the sidewalk with little to no planning in relatively public areas. Literally no effort is taken to mitigate the risk aside from trying to make it as quick as possible, so roleplay suffers - yet they will still bring up the massive amount of risk in defense of their actions. Yes, I have seen robberies and muggings that while not edge of my seat entertaining, were at least cool or interesting to be in. Yes, I have seen victims pull some stupid shit to try and keep their items. Yes, I've reported them. I'm just pointing out a subgroup that usually cause the most trouble.
  5. Sold! Can be L&A'd.
  6. 223 Spanish Avenue Images(click to redirect): Interior & Exterior A modern, recently-renovated and refurbished single bedroom apartment in the heart of West Vinewood! Placed conveniently near several local hangouts and new businesses, enjoy the ease of living on the first floor of a large communal complex! Complete with a large walk-in shower and its own washer/dryer unit, as well as a kitchen stocked with brand new appliances. Private parking out front! (( Property Information )) Market Price: $95,000 Furniture Value: $36,415 Starting Price $180,000 Minimum Increase $5,000 Buyout $225,000 Contact Info: [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  7. Name: Camille M. Laurent Phone number: 7175 Email: [email protected] Comment: Interested in viewing the property whenever a showing is available! Contact information included.
  8. Depends on who I'm roleplaying with. As long as it's not at the expense of other people, let people roleplay how they want to roleplay. I've never seen any of these wildly exaggerated emotes people like to use to make fun of what they perceive as purple prose.
  9. Queen


    Offering asking price on the Dominator.
  10. Username: QOS3 Comment: hey u got capslock on moron
  11. Yes, dumbing people down to caricatures like "typical lesbian RPer" or "typical gangbanger RPer" is much easier than actually discussing something. This thread was already off to a bad start with second hand anecdotal evidence in the OP and a somewhat antagonizing title. It's not an easy topic to get into when anyone who has a legitimate gripe gets lobbed in with people who complain just for the sake of complaining.
  12. Don't worry, we had that issue as well. Trucker robberies are still rampant, but they were much worse when they got paid in cash. I appreciate that you put in the effort to make it no less of an obtrusive interaction on a (usually) unsuspecting participant than it needs to be. The issue with this is that most players are not likely to run into someone like yourself; they're much more likely to run into Joe & John "/showinv" Robberman who couldn't give two licks about roleplay and just want money/items or a good chuckle for the night. That being said, I don't particularly agree with this suggestion. OP points out that business owners pulling a ludicrous amount of money out of their business just to deposit it in the bank is an issue, but that's literally the only way you can do it. The script allows no other option. Furnishing still doesn't take out of your bank account, payment for trucking crates still doesn't take out of your bank account, security add-ons for cars still don't take out of your bank account (I could be wrong here, it might've been fixed). Unless there is an individual name to do a bank transfer to, or the script decides it wants to take money out of your bank account, you have to at some point have cash on you, sometimes in ludicrous amounts. OP keeps saying that he's addressed this, but it's more of a side note than part of the actual suggestion. Robberies will absolutely increase. Anyone with a bag will become more of a target than they already are. Saying "they'll only get X amount of money out of it" does not work, because right now robbers will roll up on anyone just for the chance of getting a phone and two dollars out of it. It's free reward for no extra risk.
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