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  1. I honestly believe that people not interacting OOC would benefit the roleplay quality on the server completely. OOC influences RP way too much. If someone see's someone rping with another individual they don't like. They will go out of their way to tell someone not to roleplay with said person. Sometimes people can't keep everything IC. Which is sad, A lot of my roleplay has been ruined because of OOC influence. Ive stoppd playing because of this exact issue.
  2. Really great roleplayer, good luck.
  3. Bidder: Courtney HarrisBid Amount: Buy out. $450,000
  4. GEORGIA "Gia" WOODS (Both pictures are Georgia) Born on April 15th, 2000 to Woody and Sue Woods. Georgia Woods is a twin of Dakota Woods. They have two older brothers. Buck and Beaver Woods. Georgia acts as though she's tough, but on the inside she's a big baby. She's very sensitive and clings to her older brother Buck's side when she's having a bad day. She has a tendancy to make rash decisions, and jump head first into almost anything, not anticipating any bad outcomes. And she enjoys dissappearing for some time. Gegoria doesn't work or go to school. She is a free spirit. (I will update this when I have more depth to Georgia)
  5. Yeah we def aren't trying to pull off a hospital right now. We're going to open up a medical clinic/walk in clinic to see where we can take it and see how much interest on this server we will get for it.
  7. Ahhhh I'm in love! Mia's unite!
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