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  1. Only one Hillside trece, you better know.
  2. Must have misunderstood you but yes, we use Discord to communicate within the faction. To RP with the faction, you should approach us in El Burro heights, where we RP mostly. Preferably with a character that fits the faction or the area. We encourage people to RP locals in El Burro as well as trying to become a part of the faction. Contact us privately if you have any more questions.
  3. We use discord to maintain communication with the members and hang arounds of the factions. Send me a forum PM or get in touch with @Vindus or @iGhoul for any questions. The easiest way to start RPing with us is to either show up in El Burro with a fitting character or to contact us OOCly and we can help you out with you character's backstory.
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