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  1. Hate to he the one to point out the obvious here but... The robbery limit never applied to your items. Only your cash. You're arguing against something that hasn't changed.
  2. Everyone, everywhere else on the mad has been covered by the decision that we are not a bus populated city anymore and if there are no player witnesses. There are no witnesses. No specific are should be given special treatment in this regard. At the very most I would say maybe admins should outdoor map in some securty cameras around the place and have it covered by CCTV. But it I can get kidnapped and robed robbed at 10 am, by a bright purple baller LWB in the middle of the boulevard on Vespucci beach, you can too. 🙂
  3. Good luck. Take it far. No luck needed etc. Happy now?
  4. I like how people are acting like Davis is the only place with gangs. There are literally gang tags all over Hawick right now. And the same four gang bangers constantly causing problems in Vinewood. There is literally no where on the map where people should feel safe spending time outside. The argument that "it doesn't happen to me, so it must not happen," is just silly. There are a million reasons it might not happen to you. Enough people are telling you that it's a problem that it's just nonsense to assume they are all making it up. I've walked from Awick through to Mirror Park barefoot and been left totally alone on peak. I've also been robbed standing by my front door waiting for a taxi. Just a week ago, my charactr was arguing behind a club in Vinewood with her partner, in an area KNOWN Icly to be crawling with OCG characters. And still had a car with four people pull up and put guns in our faces after scouting the area, driving around clearly looking for someone to rob. Whether people want to admit it or not, it is a problem. Being outside is not safe. This isn't an illegal vs legal RPer problem. There are SO many great illegal chars and rpers and legal. This needs to be a good vs bad RP argument. That should be the only "us vs them" attitude that people have.
  5. That's kinda fucked up and creepy. Can't lie. You plan on living there too or...?
  6. You can get me on 7720 3743.
  7. Rule 0 exists because no person or group of people can think of enough rules to cover every single fucked up degenerate thing this weirdo player base does. If you don't agree with a decision, make a staff report otherwise there isn't much point complaining about the rule.
  8. Username: MissMurphy Comment: Shock journalism. How many black kids have the cops killed on the streets since then? Where's the investigations into police corruption and brutality. Stop tryna chase the boogeyman and do your job.
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