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  1. I'm not so sure the problem lays in how things are done, more in the fact that they aren't being done at all. You can limit a report to 100 words, it just means the responses are either going to be longer or there will be more of them. Some things are totally cut and dry, other things context matters. We already had the word limit and reply limit reduced and this did absolutely nothing to expedite the process. It's hard to offer opinions on how a sub team can improve when they aren't currently operating at all. Toxicity on the forums and things like that tend to get shut down pretty quickly, but the actual processing of the any forum requests or reports is just being neglected. There is no point beating a dead horse but really the only suggestion is for the forum moderation team to start doing the things the team was set up for. And maybe a big look in to why it hasn't been happening. If the leader of the subteam can't explain the lack of activity, perhaps a change of leadership is in order.
  2. Don't feel bad, I've got one still sitting there that is from December last year.
  3. What has the subteam been doing? That isn't a passive aggressive swipe, it's a genuine question. It's hard to say how we think they can improve when it's hard to see what they have been doing so far. Without any context or knowledge of if they have been active behind the scenes the only thing I can think of is to do the job the team was set up for in the first place. They are lucky to have you @Wuhtah, while I think it's great for the community to see you reinstated, I hope you don't end up worked like a pack mule again. You've been putting in work even with the retired tag lol.
  4. Definitely not at the threat of being unceremoniously slaughtered, shout out to @Adv, @Selena, @$hadow and @Orbit. The new forum moderation team kicking ass.
  5. You can take the man out of the DM but you can't take the DM out of the man.
  6. Shout out to @hipsxnwhose name is ALL over forum reports rn. Man's back is sore from carrying so hard.
  7. You don't get reported IRL at all... There is no administration team for life... 🙃 SO much "DM" on this server is because nobody RPs fear properly. Verbal warnings don't work, threats don't work, threats with weapons don't work, non lethal violence doesn't work it doesn't leave a lot of room for escalation. I've seen it SO many times, the reported person in the report even said, "I didn't want to get shot." So they acknowledge it's a possibility, and even a valid concern, but continued to escalate the situation themselves. I don't care if you find the report petty or not, I think the multitude of reports because "It was poor escalation but I don't want punishment" are ridiculous. Especially when it's the same people making them over and over. ALL poor RP on this server needs to be dealt with, not just people sad about losing script items.
  8. The report is for lack of fear RP. Which is a huge problem. Forgive me for not only making reports when 10 of us shoot each other on the street and just want our guns back. The only way to improve the standard of RP on the server is to call out when it's bad.
  9. Some staff put in mad work, we see the same names on the reports section over and over. I doubt anything said here is directed at those of you busting ass.
  10. When exactly did this become a teaching server? The attitude was always that you should know how to rp before coming here. Hence the "heavy rp". The whole idea of being here is that there is a higher standard, that's enforced by punishments and admin intervention. If that is not longer the case perhaps the way the server is presented needs to change. If this is to be a high quality rp focussed server, then that needs to be enforced. I understand staff do a lot more than take reports, and they put in place a lot for the server, but none of that matters if people are blatantly rulebreaking because there isn't much point reporting them. We all appreciate what staff do, but reports shouldn't be an afterthought, that's where the standard is set. If you don't want to take reports, either ig or on forums maybe being an admin isn't the right move for you. Imagine walking in to order a burger and you don't get served, but there are 50 people standing there making milkshakes. That makes it frustrating. There are a lot of staff, enough that there shouldn't be 9 pages of reports. There is usually enough staff in game that there shouldn't be so many forum reports. And when you wait for an hour with multiple staff ig not answering reports, it's frustrating. Reports are a core function of the staff team. Again, if you don't want to deal with them, maybe you shouldn't be staff. At least that way the community has a realistic view of how many people are handling the work. I get a lack of evidence is frustrating but plenty of reports sit for MONTHS with evidence attached. This feels like a bit of a cop out. I get that people bitch about how a report is handled, but they are going to bitch even more when it's the same outcome, but a month later.
  11. By your logic, why do people make fun of someone for what their character does? People projecting a character on to the player is just as bad as a player inserting themselves into one. Personally, I also don't care but the majority of this server doesn't have the ability to separate ic from ooc. Does it effect my life? No. Does it affect my rp? Everyday. And it's annoying. On response to the original post. Please stop trying to enforce the divide between legal and illegal rp. There is good and bad on both sides. And if you want to expect realism from one, it needs to be shown from the other. You can't expect LA victims when we have LS criminals.
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