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  1. Perstephone


    Tinder is just for having sex. If you can't find erp on GTAW you're doing something wrong.
  2. Property is sold. ((Soz I didn't put the stuff in, was midnight and I don't really flip properties so didn't know the rules. MP is 525,000 furniture is 154,000 (and change) plus $13,000 of furniture in the garage.)
  3. Large two story house for sale, in desirable part of Mirror Park. Garage included. Link of interior listed below. The outside furniture has been sold. Buy out is 1,740,000. https://streamable.com/psevjr
  4. Throw back... @Powley @Moe @harrison
  5. There's actually a fair few of us floating around. Not huge numbers but, we're here!
  6. I tried to sell a boat the other day, and the first response was two dudes with flashlights, who showed up just to rob me. Luckily I took someone with me as back up. The result will be, nobody will sell anything to people they don't know. each individual doing it isn't an issue, but the fact that it is so common that people don't want to use ads, is a problem.
  7. We're talking about this one person, only being able to go on patrol with a partner. Just one person. That's the only change. This one person, need to have a partner to go out. The fact that you can't see how ridiculous this is is mind boggling. If you really honestly don't think, anyone, would be willing to partner up and help this guy out... I'd honestly be astounded. Hell, half the RPers I know would join PD just to help the guy and be his partner.
  8. There is literaly a message thread attached to an earlier post that is a conversation with LFM. Selena says she tried to talk to the faction leaders and they wouldn't budge. If an officer is out of their car and someone pulls a gun on them, it is DEFINITELY PG for them to call it out on TS without RPing speaking into or reaching for a radio, in which case, they would likely be shot. Personally, I don't see why VOIP is used at all outside of pursuits, but that is a personal opinion. This person has been doing LEO RP for nearly 5 years and all of that talent and expertise is being w
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