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  1. Alright thanks. Wanted to do so just in case i get reported for something, and i don't get instantly banned for a bad background/application story.
  2. I'm not banned on either of these. I made a new character (deleted old one), my UCP works, in-game character works, its just that my old story is very.. meh? The mod that banned me is not around either i assume. Not on the discord server at least. I didn't have to apply. Everything works, i just kinda wanted to make a better story to prove that i grew up and can rp well. Been 2 years after all, graduated from school and all. //edit answering your questions, it was server ban. But im not banned anymore for some reason, and UCP says my record is clear because the ban was a long time ago. I got banned for poor english and poor story that got accepted but then reviewed once again and got me banned.
  3. I received a ban 2 years ago, i don't remember much about it. It says "Your last admin record entry was 2 years ago which means you are currently in good standing on the server.", so i believe im eligible for a story wipe? I'd like to start over, write a new character story and just start anew. It says i also had poor english skills, but since then i passed a C1 CEFR english exams with 77%, so i think im slightly better at that than before. //edit I want to prove that i can write a good story and engage in quality rp. Don't want to get banned again after somebody sees my old story.
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