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  1. (( can be l&a'd, dude's not buying it anymore and i'm not willing to continue with this. ))
  2. Sold, send over your details & I'll contact you.
  3. Auctioning off this beast of a vehicle. I present to you The Karin Previon. Are you tired of fast cars that handle like shit? Do you want something that's cheap and can handle any type of corners without knowing what oversteer is? Then this car is for you and your need of Banham car type beat! For the starting price of $95,000 it can be YOURS! It comes equipped with everything you want for legal racing! A turbocharged 1UZ V8 engine, rollcage, carbon fiber interior, fuel cell, lowered suspension and so much style that it will make your Elegy driver friends jealous! It also comes equipped with a custom plate so everyone knows it's truly yours! Pictures are attached below: (( OOC section ))
  4. Car has been sold! (( can be L&A'd, thank u ))
  5. Sold! Please send an e-mail at [email protected] (( forum pm )) with your info and I'll get in contact asap!
  6. Karin Intruder VX for sale Performance mods & japanese VIP aesthetic Asking price: $45,000 (( OOC info ))
  7. Karin Sultan Classic for sale Performance & security mods Tastefully modified Asking price: $145,000 (( OOC INFO ))
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