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  1. been under tarp for the past 6 month, gonna roll her out this weekend for some TLC
  2. Feels like a continuance of this thread; So I'll go ahead and lock this. Management are aware of the issues.
  3. Use the search function, this has been proposed and denied countless times.
  4. Anselmi

    Add STDs

    We're never going to force that kind of roleplay on people arbitrarily through a script.
  5. No, you aren't entitled to your money back and you aren't protected by the robbing / scamming limits when it comes to drug / weapon deals.
  6. yes yes lets play @lambchops set himself on fire and burned my base down last time
  7. Locking this as leaving it open to discussion isn't going to benefit anybody, please don't make another thread.
  8. I didn't think I'd have to clarify, but the modding team has already expressed that they have no desire to add any NSFW mods to the server.
  9. It's a case of being courteous to your fellow player. Small amount of drugs on them and they're adamant that they stashed it somewhere? It's not going to kill you to give them benefit of the doubt. Walking around with obscene amounts of illegal goods on you is another story though.
  10. I don't have any ideas on how it can be improved, but what's being suggested here simply isn't feasible. You can't expect the admin team to supervise all aspects of roleplay on the server to "ensure quality". If this suggestion was approved and went into action, it'd ultimately end up being treated the way house robbery requests are treated now; actively ignored for hours on end until someone with a lot of free time is able to take the report. Nobody wants to be sitting there spectating you while you roleplay for 30-60 minutes at a time just to "ensure quality". It's not our job to baby sit roleplay. We want to be able to roleplay as well without having to dedicate all of our time in game to spectating house robberies and vehicle thefts / chopping if this were approved. What's being proposed here doesn't tackle the core issues, is what I was getting at. The metallurgy job in itself is totally unrealistic and more suitable for an RPG server and you're right in saying that the way car thefts are done now is a problem; everybody has this unconscious knowledge of how to hotwire a car, you need a lockpick to break in as opposed to just smashing the window - and to top it off some of the alarm levels are bugged because they don't notify the police when someone breaks in like they should. It's an area that needs attention, but this suggestion isn't it.
  11. We already have enough work to do with the amount of reports that come in and the entirely admin-reliant house breakin script on top of it. The last thing we need is yet another system that relies on admins to function properly. Honestly, I'd be coming up with ideas to completely overhaul the metallurgist job and chopping system within it because, at present, it makes no sense whatsoever. You chop cars for parts to make... knives, lockpicks and knuckledusters? Not really an accurate representation of why people steal cars and chop them for parts in reality. It's definitely an area that needs some attention, but I don't think this is the right way to go about it.
  12. By that logic, a 12 year old would have the same odds as an 18 year old in a fight when, the fact is, the odds aren't always in your favour; the 18 year old has a significant advantage over a 12 year old, like somebody who is trained to fight would have over someone who isn't. I'm not a fan of dice rolling outcomes because it completely ignores factors that should be considered and leaves it to chance.
  13. Nice idea in theory, but a logistical nightmare to arrange with all the different timezones - speaking from experience.
  14. This can pretty much sum up the thread. There's no issue with people creating businesses where there's a market, the issue stems from the fact that many of the people doing it aren't interested in providing quality, immersive roleplay - but maximizing their profits by any means necessary; even if it means sacrificing the former. I've yet to see a used car dealership portrayed properly and it completely puts me off when I see the same names bouncing between different businesses suddenly cropping up to run a dealership simultaneously.
  15. Molotovs don't exist in game because they don't work; the sync is terrible. You're welcome to roleplay it and what not if it's for the purposes of committing arson, but as someone else mentioned previously - you'd still need to use /arson and have an admin assist with effects.
  16. This is a bit overbearing, even by my standards. Who's to say I'm not portraying my character as a paranoid neurotic who would flee for seemingly no reason? Who's to say I don't have something in my car that I shouldn't have? Adding restrictions like this, where you don't reasonably know what's going through the other person's mind, is going to lead to reports that are unfounded. Undoubtedly, there are people that flee just for the thrill of a chase OOC and it goes against what their character would reasonably do - but there's already steps in place for you to deal with that. If you believe somebody is breaking server rules, you can /report them - if you believe they aren't portraying their character properly, you can raise your concerns with the RP Quality Team. Not to mention that with the points system in place, people who regularly evade for no particularly reason will soon find themselves nearing the 30 points required to imprison them indefinitely. I see no reason to add more limitations and restrictions for something that can already be resolved without it, like your point about people not roleplaying crashes - report them and it will be dealt with.
  17. Unless you have actual footage, the truth can very easily be distorted - and who are we to believe if you and the perpetrator give conflicting stories about what happened? We rely on the honesty of both players involved which is why you ultimately need the consent of everyone involved to corroborate what happened. You're right in saying that they can easily lie to get out of something, but that goes both ways. I can't really see any other way around it. What you proposed gives a substantial benefit to people capable of recording, because let's face it - not everybody has a high end PC that can run GTAV and record simultaneously. That being said, I'm not personally opposed to using actual recorded footage in lieu of getting both parties version of events in hopes that they match up - assuming there's roleplay that precedes it for camera installation etc.
  18. Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware of how the US operates when it comes to health care - and I agree that there should be medical fees for treatment in game. However, it isn't up to the player to make up a list of fees plucked from a few quick searches to /charity and try sue back from the other person - that is, by definition, powergaming. If you want to discuss the implementation of medical fees and how it should work, feel free to make a suggestion for it.
  19. That is powergaming. You can't NPC surgery and make up a bunch of fees to /charity, only to sue the other person for it. If this were allowed, the only thing it would inspire is for more lawyers to start concocting ridiculous lists of medical bills drawn from the internet just to bankrupt another player in petty lawsuits. For arguments sake, considering it isn't mentioned or covered anywhere by the continuity team, medical care is free IC until the server management team decides otherwise.
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