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  1. Property will be sold for $150,000 if no higher bid is placed within 12 hours
  2. Offer noted, recipient will obtain the property in 24 hours if a higher offer is not received.
  3. SB noted, bidding will end in 48 hours of no other bids are placed
  4. Recently renovated apartment located on South Rockford Drive. Only a short walk away from both Vespucci Canals and the many beautiful shops of both Little Seoul and Little Tokyo. Starting bid: $110,000 BUY NOW: $200,000 Photo Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/BsIzXEV ((OOC:))
  5. I was in Richard Marcellos LCN for a year. I tried to push high standard roleplay for quite some time before leaving for LSRP. A few of my names were Giacomo/Giuseppe Rizzuto, Ted Wu and Paul Cicero.
  6. The Japanese American Association is proud to announce it will be sponsoring World Foods Day this Sunday, March 28th. Located at the Ginger Street shopping complex on the Tokyo Strip in South Little Seoul. Ask about us for coupons to several local businesses!
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