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  1. Business Licenses would be great if the rest of the economy wasn't dogshit. People don't eat out like they do in real life, they don't buy goods like they would in real life and they don't drink like they do in real life. So effectively it's impossible to make money the way a business normally would in real life. It doesn't make sense to force businesses to spend what equals 50%+ of their earnings on a piece of paper that's likely never going to come into play. The most recent roll out was also, a disaster. I for one had no clue they had been reimplemented. There was a post in dis
  2. Not so much a specific mod request but I would like to ask and see if it is possible, once 1.1 drops. To add specific clothing variations locked to certain Illegal factions. I know a lot of the MC's on the server have their own texture packs and I'd like to see those added to the server for their use and also so we (The rest of the playerbase) can visibly see them.
  3. This is the real reason people shouldn't have a gun. And no, just because the city isn't safe and you get robbed doesn't give you a valid reason. If you want to get a shotgun because you RP being a hunter that's a different story.
  4. Met some of your boys, RP was fantastic but what else can you expect from Tortilla Flats? Keep that shit up.
  5. Username: 14Chomper88 Comment: That ain't shit, when I was locked up in the towers I watched some dude fucking eat a CHOMO like he straight up took a bite out of him! Shit was crazy!
  6. Username: Minionmemerthecatholic Comment: I'm so glad the money is going to a great cause! God bless Joseph bemba!
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