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  1. Username: Lsgalxtd422 Comment: This is just a fucking ad LMAO LSNN sold out a long time ago.
  2. I think casinos need to be HEAVILY restricted. You can gambling 24/7 on this server because there's always a casino open. On the rare occasion that there isn't? A lot of bars offer cards on the side.
  3. @MickeyO stick to this character for once, you and @.Pluto. are doing gods work. These screens are fucking amazing.
  4. Snows removal confirmed. See you next year folks when we have the exact same argument.
  5. +1 You can ride in cold weather but it's incredibly dangerous even when the roads have been cleared. If we're going to RP snow in Los Santos, let's RP it all the way. The city would have shit for plows or salt trucks and the roads would be an absolute disaster until they are cleared.
  6. Building off what @yerro said, people play caricature. Of black people, fat people, party animals, the mentally ill. Realism is subtle, a fat character being a massive slob who smells, is covered in Cheeto dust and constantly causes drama isn't realistic. It's a caricature, blowing one or two stereotypes WAY WAY out of proportion.
  7. Well yesterday their games were fine. Today they crashed every 10-15 minutes. So yeah I'm pretty sure it's the snow because nothing else has really changed in the last 24 hours.
  8. Snow is now causing game crashes for multiple members of my faction every 10-15 minutes.
  9. Force CK's on anybody who tries to drift. Come on, you know you want to @nateX.
  10. I only found out about the poll AFTER it closed because someone happened to mention it in my factions discord. Heavily fucking opposed to adding snow to the server, especially when it fucks up interiors. In the entire recorded history of weather in LA, it has snowed a grand total of 3 times. 1882, 1932 and 1949. IT HAS NOT SNOWED IN LA FOR OVER 54 YEARS. Also, as someone who lives in a frozen tundra 6 months out of the year. SNOWING and SNOW are two very different things. Yes it can be snowing in LA but they do not get snow because the ground temp never gets down to the point where snow doesn't melt immediately upon impact. It does not accumulate. There are a few other reasons as to why snow wouldn't accumulate in southern California but I ain't no science wiz so I'm not getting into that.
  11. I'm going to leave this thread for the night saying this: GTAW is the only decently populated text RP server on GTA 5. That's not some fact set in stone for all time, eventually someone will come along with a server that puts proper development into illegal RP and people will just start leaving in mass. Of course, tons of people will read that statement and say: "Good, leave, we don't want you". But you don't want that because when the illegal RPers leave this server, the server dies. LEO's and Criminals are the yin and yang of the server, remove one and it'll just divulge into absolute cancer. It's happened to a million other servers, don't expect GTAW to magically turn out differently if it continues to follow the current path. LEO RP would become incredibly boring, 65% of businesses would go away because the illegal factions running them will have left. Slowly but surely the server would get progressively worse and worse until all that remains are 100 people who enjoy using the server as a virtual second life. But it doesn't have to be that way. People don't just play here because it's the only server on GTA 5, if that was the case people would still be playing on LSRP and other SA servers which are way farther on with their development. The server has a pretty neutral captain at the helm in Nervous, a rare quality to find in RP community owners. I think it's something that keeps a lot of players here for now. For now, people want to improve GTAW. People have made suggestions and gotten overwhelming support only to be flat out ignored, it's frustrating and frankly insulting. I care about this server, I enjoy this server and I want to see this server get better. I wouldn't have made this thread if I didn't. But I don't know how much longer anybody on this server including myself is going to wait around getting your standard cold shoulder or "Soon(TM)".
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