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  1. I think the biggest issue for characters over 45 is the lack of RP hubs. Everything is so nightlife focused it's hard to even find jobs that makes sense. People have already voiced most of my gripes about RPing old so I thought I'd offer something different. I always encourage people to RP older characters and there are places to do it, I just don't think people know where to be looking. Horizon Developers does most of the construction RP on the server and has access to a ton of custom vehicles and interiors. They are always hiring and it's a sub genre where older characters make sense. You could RP a dump truck driver or a heavy machine operator. Maybe you just want to RP a manual labor, the choice is yours. The Port of Los Santos is in the same vein. a place where older characters make sense with tons of custom vehicles and interiors to RP with. Like Horizon, the port is always hiring and both basically host shift whenever they have enough people to RP. I highly encourage people who might be interested or on edge about playing an older character to look heavily into the two options above. Just start out with a few shifts and eventually you'll make more then enough contacts to get RP going on that character. It's natural development that's really enjoyable.
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    Absolutely none of that matters when there is barely any demand for weed outside of simply using it to create illegal RP. If there was a large demand for weed on this server, as there is a large demand in Southern California. I'd 100% agree with you, but there just simply isn't. First off, the whole civilian VS Criminal OOC shitfest should have absolutely nothing to do with it. If your too "OOC-wary" to deal with drug dealers because of the shit you see on the forums and in discord? I'm sorry but frankly your opinion on this matter holds no value. You are making the decision to do drugs, it's a crime, your going to have to interact with criminals. Guess what comes with that? Oh shit! The possibility that you could get robbed or arrested. Tough shit, it's apart of doing drugs. As it stands, weed serves as a somewhat easily obtainable drug that's easy to sell. It drives illegal character development and RP forward for a lot of people. Many people will tell you, selling weed is what started them down the criminal path. What starts as something you do just to pay for your own habits quickly develops into other criminal ventures as well. Now as I mentioned before, the demand for all drugs including weed is unrealistically low. For the most part drugs are sold from criminal to criminal with the off chance that someone like yourself might try to make a purchase. What's going to happen if weed is legalized on the server? It's not going to create RP for both sides, this isn't real life Southern California where there's such high demand that people are willing to go to the black-market to save a few bucks. This is a roleplay server where the vast majority of people are wealthy and many are too concerned about their assets to interact with someone they OOCly fear is going to rob them. So what's really going to happen? Weeds going to become a drug with no real RP value, if civilians can just walk into a store and purchase weed without the fear of robbery and with money being basically a none issue for every character. No one is going to purchase from the street level guy ever and therefor that guy loses all his RP. @knppel Yeah, as an organized crime character? it's an opportunity gained. But for ever smaller faction we interact with it's a huge opportunity lost.
  3. Henning


    How so?
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    Because ultimately legal weed would have done more harm then good. Drug dealing is one of the best ways to create development and RP as a criminal, taking that away by making it legal would just remove any chance of that RP happening. Severely hurting illegal RP in the process, therefor staff blocked it.
  5. Why is this whole post italicized?
  6. So I was the one who suggested and got this to happen the last time. Was it a disaster? Yeah, but that wasn't inherent from the start. The piece tying it all together was admin supervision to curb factions from just mass duping weed seeds and tanking the price. What happened when it rolled out? Zero admin supervision and within two weeks the market tanked. One faction got the bright idea they could make a ton of money just selling seeds and by the end of that updates run on the server basically everyone had a weed farm. Getting seeds and cultivating your own plants isn't difficult IRL. Anyone can do it with the right space and materials, my intentions when making this suggestion originally was to make it easier for small factions and groups to grow their own small number of plants. Increasing the availability of weed while still leaving room for major suppliers to grow and supply in bulk. Suppliers have a place on this server but locking weed seeds entirely behind them is stupid and counter productive. It's the RP equivalent of going to a dude and buying magic beans. From start to finish the RP is clunky and unfulfilling, leaving so much to be desired. If something like this was added back to the server with proper admin supervision (Like I pointed out it needed the first time) I think we see very different and positive results.
  7. So I've never personally continued businesses on to new characters but I understand the reasoning why and as long as the assets make sense for the new character I don't see an issue with it. Frankly, dealing with Property Management is a fucking headache. Now I understand there's only so many people on the team and I'm in no way trying to bash them, I'm just pointing out what I've experienced. If I'm trying to hit the ground running with a new character or a new faction, it can take weeks just for my property request to be processed and that's a crucial period when any faction needs to be picking up steam if it's going to survive. So yeah if I have the property I need already and I have a plan of action for it? It's a much easier route that 95% of the time presents no issues. However, personally I believe that this should only be reserved for properties you need for your new faction to hit the ground running. What I'm not a fan of is the constant cycle of businesses being handed off between the same 5 factions or players. Hold on to whatever you need and let the rest go back to the server to be recycled.
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