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  1. Buying Dinka Marquis. Must be in a good condition. PM or leave your offers down below. Thanks.
  2. So tenants of a property, or lets say a group of people work together in an interior, each one of them should have a fixed storage of their own. So let's say a house has a capacity of 100KG, The actual owner of the house can let a tenant have a certain amount of storage that only he can access, so they can have a (lets say) a 20KG storage for themselves, that no one else can access unless they allow. P.S It should totally be the owners decision if they want to make the divisions or not, he can choose not to have any if he prefers it that way and its not needed for their respective property. This totally makes sense from a RP perspective, I don't even need to explain that part, and I don't see any disadvantages of this happening.. Might be a bit tricky to script it out proper but with could be done in a while with some trial and error, of course. If implemented a lot of stuff could get a lot easier, specially in buildings with a lot of storage like 500kg+ and so on. Thoughts?
  3. Almost a month since the thread was made, this really needs some attention from the devs. Coolboxes or other alternatives could be added, but as someone said keeping it in hiking bag (as we currently are) makes no sense either. Going to the selling point from a fishing one takes about 2 minutes right now via road, and a few mins to get full with fishes. And they all go on an average of 1,000-1,200$ without bonus which is pretty unfair compared to other jobs, considering if you're in a hardcore fishing session you gotta go back and forth way to many times. Instead, just set up a fish limit on vehicles something like fishes worth 20,000$ could be stored in a vehicle at max. Thus, bumping this hoping it'll be reviewed by the devs which I'm sure they will.
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