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  1. Would you be inerested in a 2 story ,two bedroom house near the canals that has a garage aswell. Can send pictures of the inside if your interested.
  2. * Name: Olivia Taylor * Phone number: 07794572 * Email:[email protected] ((fourm PM)) Comment: Me and my girlfriend would be interested in viewing the house.
  3. The issue with doing that is there is other variants of that specific shirt that have police or sheriff's markings directly on them and not as a decal. And these variants are under the same shirt ID
  4. Would a showing be possible, My number is 50371359
  5. Honestly can't support this for a few reasons the main one being is realistically there is no way you could get legal ownership of the car because the title it would not be in your name and you would have no way to insure the vehicle since the title is not in your name and insurance companies won't recognize it.
  6. The wheels are not a limitation with rage cause plenty of other servers have all wheel options. Right now it's GTA world script that is artificially limiting us and or it needs to to be fixed.
  7. Is there not a kitchen or bathroom? I could not find pictures of them.
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