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  1. A problem a lot of people are bringing up is how this doesn't seem to be standardized, though. For example, quoting Seanny earlier in this thread. Your reasoning is the same, but your timeframes are considerably more apart. There needs to be some kind of standardization so it doesn't depend on which admin handles your breakin and you then get players unnaturally changing their RP by being unnaturally cautious(Or potentially spending longer time than they normally would have because they know the admin they got usually waits 20 minutes) depending on which admin takes their breakin. Personally I have no qualms about concerned citizen calls, but there should at least be some standardization, even if that standard is set privately by the admin team.
  2. I see the argument you're making and I agree with it, but it's a thing that'd be difficult to prove in a lot of cases. Especially if people are trying to press that note on the basis of "you're playing a character who should be fine with it," when the character has perhaps never done it. It's a difficult rule/note to both phrase correctly and enforce well, because it bases itself off of the person trying to initiate the scene needing OOC knowledge on if this character has engaged in this kind of RP before, to what level it's been done, etc. A lot of that kind of OOC knowledge is often based on rumors or hearsay that they've heard someone mention off-hand in a discord or something like that, and can lead to further miscommunication and frustration between both parties. I guess I think it's a note/rule that wouldn't really get much use even if it was put into effect, because it's way too difficult to prove in many circumstances. All in all I think it's something that's best to stay as general common sense. If you're playing a character that's regularly torturing people and you're actively engaging in that RP, you shouldn't deny someone else the right to do it just because you're suddenly on the receiving end. I feel like making it a rule would just cause many more unresolved reports and unnecessary headaches,
  3. Loki

    car insurance

    I know many people buy insurance for 1 day at a time when they decide to use their vehicle. It's a lot cheaper than buying the max 30 days of insurance. /call 207, t 1, t yes. Takes five seconds and is very very affordable even on the basic $500 an hour non-faction characters get.
  4. Speaking as someone who's never done either IC(Graffiti or covering it up,) I presume it's locals from the community doing it. Little Seoul for example has a very active community of locals, and as far as I've seen they're fairly protective of that community. Covering up outside gang graffiti might just be part of that, which makes sense from an IC perspective. Can easily be explained as locals trying to fight back against eyesores and the crime in general, or lowering the visual impact of outside gangs trying to push into the territory.
  5. Is pandering to these individuals bad as long as it doesn't hamper further progress?
  6. Keeping both systems for the moment seems completely reasonable to me. Some people prefer the older systems and their reasons for it are as valid as the ones who prefer the new systems(Or both for different purposes!) As long as it doesn't hinder further development I don't see a reason to force people to stick to one. Keeping old alternatives in place does literally nothing to stop change. You absolutely can innovate while keeping people who prefer the older systems in mind. I say this as a person who prefers the new clothing system, and the old systems don't need to be removed until they actively hinder further developmental progress. Until such a time, there is literally no reason to get rid of them beyond some opinion that people should "get with the times" or "adapt to change." If they prefer the old system, the old system does nothing to harm the server's progress or state and the system is functional, let it very well be.
  7. I'd like to add to this and say you might not get very far script, profit-wise as a niche garage. I'm sure if you stuck to it and catered to a niche you'd eventually get people who enjoy this niche kind of RP rather than the do-it-all garages that are so prevalent. Sure, it'd be a smaller customer-base and you'd likely not earn as much, but I think the RP you get out of it would be good nonetheless.
  8. FD wouldn't "simply show up" irl to someone who's been shot without having a police presence there to secure the scene first. The dispatcher should be the link in the chain where assistance is called, and because the script can already detect whether or not someone says "both" or something like it to ask for FD and LEO, how about we just make it so that if the caller says someone's been shot or the victim of a violent crime, both law enforcement and FD are called? Make the trigger words something like "shot," "shoot," "gun" or similar. It just doesn't make sense that a dispatcher wouldn't also alert police if someone's been shot in notoriously dangerous gang territory, even if the caller asks for it. This way, if a criminal/someone living in the hood really wanted to avoid the cops coming they'd have to consciously think about how they're reporting it(Maybe even provide false information) rather than just say "no we dont want cops to this active shooting please thank you mister dispatcher." Or, alternatively, think about whether calling 911 at all is advisable. Maybe there're other solutions!
  9. I think another important piece to this puzzle is expectations. Due to the point the server's atmosphere has come to, some illegal RPers are cutting corners and rushing things. For exactly the same reason, some legal RPers are being overly gung-ho and trigger-happy. It's because considerable parts of both sides have internalized an expectation that the other side is going to try their very best to OOCly "win" the situation, impact on quality of RP be damned. A lot of the time this probably isn't the case, but because one or both sides expect the other side to try to OOCly weasel out of the situation with maximum gains/minimum losses, the situation turns into some awful tug-of-war seeing who can stretch the limits the farthest without an admin catching wind of it or dealing with it. Remember, I'm not saying nobody ever tries that, I'm saying for a lot of people it's become the default expectation from everyone. I don't have any suggestion to actually remedy this issue, but it's something I don't see mentioned a lot and it seems a lot of people don't consider it.
  10. What it looks like they're saying is that you need to attempt to get your money back from the person it went to, and if they're not cooperative you need to report it so admins can take it from the people that won it and give it back to you to avoid big amounts of money being injected into circulation. Just a refund request and potential bug report won't be enough, it seems.
  11. I'm of the opinion that you should be RPing your job even if no one's around to see it, but that's just opinion. As for the script argument, I don't think a script should replace the need for RP, it should facilitate it. If people get upset at you for not writing long enough /me's for their preference, so what? Another player's opinion of how long your /me should be shouldn't matter to you. If they think your /me length speaks to your quality as a roleplayer they're probably not someone you want to associate with anyway. Imo /mes should provide enough context and content for someone to make a meaningful response if they want to. Writing shortform when there's nothing out of the ordinary to what you're doing is great. Writing longer lines if your character is for example noticeably shaky, angry, upset or w/e is also great. Ask me how long a /me needs to be and I'll ask you how long a rope needs to be. Long enough to fit its purpose.
  12. You can still use the text commands on the CEF phones afaik, you just have the option of using the CEF instead.
  13. Username: iBitchOnline Comment: Let me point out how people are nitpicking about details and nothing is being said about the actual, photographed breach of law, self-proclaimed policies and actual degenerate business-practices. Defend that, Executive goons, don't defend a couple misdemeanour-donuts and "boo-hoo things taken out of context." Explain why you're scum, don't cling to details that in the grand scheme of things don't matter. Shaking my damn head.
  14. There you have it! For a fake CCW or PF you could definitely forge the card/documents themselves, but once again you're foiled by not having access to the databases they check it up against. All in all when it comes to governmental business, the only way a fake would go through is if someone is lazy and bypassing regulation. For liquor sales, entry into clubs and other civillian-regulated restricted activities a good fake can usually get you through, though.
  15. I've been doing this kind of roleplay for a bit! Driver's licenses for the purposes of actual driving in case you're pulled over are a bit of a stretch, because the police most often check it up to a database, in which case you wouldn't be able to forge that unless you have a contact with access to said database. For visual inspection at nightclubs and such fake IDs are alive and well though! I'm not too familiar with how the process on firearms licenses and their checking when purchasing a weapon goes, but for the purposes of a card you carry with you you could definitely forge something that would fool civillians/LEO who don't check it up to the databases they have access to. There's no script for it right now afaik, but I've just gotten in the habit of screenshotting my forging RP as well as any RP that pertains to it(Researching new security measures, finding ways around them, etc.)
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